Welcome To The Zero Point Field

Why You're Here

You’re attuned and awake to the epic and unprecedented transition taking place around the globe, and you’re ready to co-create Heaven On Earth with other conscious souls.

Who This Is For

Anyone who is ready to become a creator of their reality. You’re ready to leave behind the old stories, and you’re even more ready to own your power, sovereignty, and divinity.

Who We Are

We’ve been preparing for this paradigm shift for the past 15 years, and we’re committed to providing you with everything you need to create the life you want with the support of a conscious community.

Welcome New Earth Creators!
LoveAll 5D is a sacred online space for conscious leaders to train and master their frequency so they can live as embodied creators on the New Earth. 

For the past decade, we have helped thousands of Soul missioned pure hearts from across the planet live their highest purpose. Regardless of your human story, there is something for you here to support you in creating heaven on earth.

Dive into our extensive digital products of activations and meditations, receive a personal frequency prescription to raise your frequency, join our online community, practice daily breathwork, be entertained through our conscious media, and if you are really ready… you can invest even deeper into your ascension through vitural events, retreats, exclusive masterminds and online courses.
Are you ready to create?





Are You Ready To Rise In Frequency?

Welcome to the New Earth where your conscious frequency creates your reality.
Your purpose is not to grind and grab for some material outcome, but rather to explore the depths of your inner Universe so you can experience true Soul fulfillment and live your highest timeline of all possibilties, magic and miracles.


Gone is the disconnect from ourselves and each other. Gone is the disconnect from the Divine. We live in alignment. We live in harmony. We live in peace. We live in abundance.
Given that you found your way here, chances are you can feel the resonance of this inner calling to live as an awakened creator.  You sense it. You want it. But, you just don’t quite know how to get it. We’re here to help you with where you are at right now. You found us in Divine timing. All is unfolding for you perfectly. 

It's time to Raise Your Frequency with LoveAll 5D

What Is It Like To Work With LoveAll 5D?

”Your mind shields you from the parts of your heart the you don’t want to see” 

-Alex, LoveAll 5D Apprentice

Community Experience
Avaala: Pure, Conscious Love Energy
Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
“Pure Love Energy is something magical. It cannot be described with words. It can only be described with one word, Avaala.” ~Romeo, Greece


While 3D human love is so often limited, programmed and conditioned/conditional, Avaala is free of these earthly distortions because it comes directly from Source. Pure, conscious Source love energy is something magical. It cannot be described with words. It can only be experienced. We have been guided to call this sacred energy, Avaala. This is our secret sauce. Avaala is not a philosophy, ideology, religion, or political platform. Avaala vibrates on the energy of conscious love, infinite abundance, and complete Soul freedom. Avaala is the bridge to self-mastery. Avaala is the pure conscious energy from Source that is fueling this global awakening.
P.S.: Say Avaala a few times fast: “Avaala, Avaala, Avaala…” 
What do you hear?… 
”Love All”
Jessica's Testimonial_Loveall5d

Your life is going to change in a way that is nearly indescribable – Jessica

“I just got done with the most powerful session with Mikko and Biji from Loveall 5D. I don’t have enough words to express what I am feeling right now.

I have had major ”daddy” issues for a large majority of my life. And I am finally deciding to look at some things that I have been avoiding for a really long time. What shifted in me today, is so beautiful, so profound, Investing in you is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself.

Investing in who you are becoming. I wish I had started sooner, but I didn’t. But I am doing it now. Your life is going to change in a way that is nearly indescribable.”



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