Private Mentorship w/ Mikko & Biji

No more playing small. no more living for anybody else. it’s time to be the superhero of your own story

Experience Mikko and Biji’s zero-point field in a private, transformative healing container that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Within this 1:1 mentorship, you’ll receive a frequency prescription tailor-made for you and your Blueprint as a Divine Soul being.

You’ll receive quantum healing as you release energy that would normally take years and even lifetimes to work through. Feel the magic of all possibilities of the New Earth as you raise your frequency through guided modalities such as EMDR, trauma release, core energetics, tapas acupressure, breathwork, Kundalini and Tantric yoga, as well as a diverse array of shamanic energy practices.

Receive your highest timeline as Mikko and Biji show you the roadmap to materializing it into your physical reality.

Starting Investment: $5,555

The Sacred

Zero Point Field

The “How” Behind the Work

Mikko and Biji, founders and facilitators of LoveAll 5D, hold the sacred frequency of the Zero Point Quantum Field through their rigorous conscious frequency training.

They are the embodied Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine, a living Sacred Union of the New Earth.  

Mikko & Biji

Through the harmonization of their inner masculine and feminine energies, they are able to consistently hold the frequency of Divine Neutrality of the Zero Point Field.

This quantum field is ever-present and lies at the heart of existence.

“The zero-point field is the new frontier of medicine. The Zero point field is a healing quantum technology, and it will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in understanding of mankind as a whole.

-Teal Swan

Spiritual Teacher

How Does The Zero Point Field Give Me Immediate Results?

The Zero Point Field is a clear container. This means that any mask, illusion, fallacy, or block cannot exist in this frequency of God, Creator, Source, Universe.

Within it, you have a bird’s eye view into your life as the neutral, conscious observer and are able to move through years and even lifetimes of trauma and conditioning.

Your consciousness will become clear and crystallized so that you can no longer deny your own divinity, purpose, and worth.


Within this state of higher consciousness, your frequency will experience Source and pure love energy that can regenerate and activate your original organic blue print coding so you can truly become the enlightened creator you are meant to be. 

Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Heal Within the Zero Point Field

Biji has been initiated into the Zero Point Quantum Field through her Siddhi Sadhana Mastery and her Divine, Sacred Union with Mikko.

This is why working with them 1:1 is so powerful…

Not only have they aligned to and created sacred Union for themselves, they have elevated that union to hold the frequency of Divine neutrality to heal others.

This Zero Point Quantum Field is the how; Biji and Mikko hold this powerful frequency and work within it to provide core cellular and DNA regeneration for you to eradicate your subconscious and reprogram yourself on a Quantum level.

Your Frequency Masters

Mikko & Bjii

Mikko & Biji are sacred union partners, Frequency Experts & Founders of LoveAll 5D & New Earth Pure Love Frequency, Avaala

They hold the Zero Point Quantum Field through their Siddhi Sadhana Mastery and their Divine, Sacred Union. They are frequency alchemists and practicing Siddhis, a term given for Spiritual mastery obtained through rigorous and accomplished conscious practices. Mikko and Biji access pure Source Love frequency, they call Avaala, to align their clients with their highest New Earth timeline.

Immersive Sessions Experience


Qualifications To Work With Mikko & Biji

Starting Investment: $5,555

Only apply if you’re on board with this deep inner alchemy.
You are invited to check in to your heart…

Are you a client who shows up powerfully when you invest?

Are you already able to get this sacred value?

Are you are aligning to your highest timeline?

Do you feel your Soul fulfillment is truly inevitable?

If investing at this level is going to send you into freak-out mode, now isn’t a good time…

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Mikko and Biji I’m so happy that I finally decided to have my Intro session! Wow your energy is something I have been searching for! It’s so hard for me to talk to anyone or open up, and it came so naturally with you both. I felt like I finally found a safe space. When I woke up this morning I felt as if I something heavy lifted. I want more of this and I can’t wait for this new journey with you! I’m truly thankful and blessed to have found you both. Thank you so much!

Inas, FL Intro Session

When I was introduced to Mikko and Biji, and LoveAll 5D, the concept of mastering my energy to master my life was foreign to me. After working with them, I shed the shame and disappointment of those around me for simply not being enough, or so I was taught. Through my experiences with Mikko, Biji, LoveAll5D and exploring the power of mastering my energy, I’ve come to understand holistically what human energy is, to find ownership of my energy and how I place it into this world.

Vicki, KS Immersive Session

Mikko and Biji were awesome and they gave me the exact information I needed. Even though my mind was afraid of change and I have always been struggling with consistency towards my practices, just after this quick session I have made the commitment to really embody the change I have been postponing with my choices. I know the work I have to do is the most important part of all of this. But I also know I would not have taken the steps towards this place if it was not for my greatest good. And as Mikko said in the session, I am right where I need to be. And from here I know it's just a matter of looking back, honoring all that has been and releasing it. So I can be the empty cup that shall be filled with so much love and greatness.  I am very grateful for this gift and I can't wait to continue the work with you guys!

George, RO Immersive Session

I feel WHOLE. this is real, unconditional, pure love. For anyone considering this work… Trust the process, listen to your heart, and you know, take the leap. The only direction is your higher timeline. I knew there was a block but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and why. I feel like a huge block was removed from my Soul, from my core.

Melissa, KS Immersive Session

Everyone needs to experience this because this is real, unconditional, pure love... unlike any other. It's more than what the human body can comprehend. Thank you is not enough but thank you for everything, for watching, and protecting me, and bringing me here to experience this. The love is unlike any other. It makes me feel light. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel like anything is possible because I can create it. It’s going to take me a while to digest and fully accept this huge gift.

Soon-Ja, CA Immersive Session

Mikko & Biji have created a space where I find joy in learning. I feel the difference between trying to control from proactive planning. I have the ability to reclaim my power with a quiet calm. I feel the elevation of my performance as an executive, mother, partner. I feel intention and higher purpose to the world and work product I create. I know I am a better human and have the ability to navigate and create in this world with a humble confidence. I can be true to myself wherever I am! Investing in yourself, loving yourself first and mastering your energy is how you can master your life. Your family, clients, colleagues and the acquaintance at the store will all be affecting the highest good of all

Vicki, KS Immersive Session

It wasn't until I had a session with Mikko and Biji that I truly came home. I came home to my heart and my soul aligned with my reality where I am overflowing with abundance - where I feel completely free to be me and just create effortlessly! I came home to a place where I am celebrated and supported for exactly who I am! Words cannot describe how GRATEFUL I am. This is what it's like to have complete soul freedom! This is what it's like to experience pure source love! I remember now..... I'm home.

Shaina, CA Immersive Session

Biji and Mikko both have an incredible gift to help people quickly shift their energy to feel better faster. As a physician, I personally feel this kind of work has the potential to dramatically help individuals who suffer from certain medical conditions, particularly chronic pain. I think if more people started to incorporate this kind of practice into their lives, we would not only see more healing mentally but physically as well

Penn, TX Immersive Session
    Mikko & Biji Experience

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    Experience Mikko and Biji’s zero-point field in private, transformative healing sessions that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Receive quantum healing in just one session, and release energy that could possibly take lifetimes to work through. Test drive your highest timeline and receive an energetic roadmap to materializing it into your physical reality.

    Living our Soul Path means not succumbing to old story patterns or to unconscious, unhealthy loops. It means being present, expanding our capacity, tapping into our own energy, and showing up in our relationships with less resistance, more courage, more authenticity and more love.” – Mikko

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We can absolutely help you help yourself. At LoveAll 5D, we honor and support your unique journey to  your highest Self. Authentically guided, consistent action taken with proven energetic practices and healing modalities is the most effective path to optimization, actualization and awakening. We are committed to providing you with the tools, guidance and support that will allow you to create the life/reality of your dreams. We can’t build the house for you, but we’ll give you one heck of a foundation from which YOU can build upon!

    Everything is made up of energy. Since it can neither be created nor destroyed, energy enters and exits our own personal energetic field every second of every day. It can be flowing and fluid or blocked and stuck. This electrical energy in our bodies is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, the nervous system, and every cell in the human body. Currents of energy flow through us, but energy blockages from unresolved emotions tend to disrupt the flow, leading to unhealthy thought patterns, behaviors, even illness and disease. Releasing emotional blocks is essential to clearing stagnant energy and living life to its fullest potential.


    We believe that working with our own energy is the most effective way to heal, rebuild, and transform ourselves. Traditional ways of coping may help, but energy is the source and should be treated as such. A new faucet installed over rusting pipes will still cause the leak below your sink… so why not go deeper and address the root of the problem? When we shift our energy and heal ourselves, we increase our capacity to live a more fulfilling life.

    3D, 4D and 5D are three dimensions of consciousness on Earth (yes, more exist!). People may drift between these states depending on where they are in their lifetime. It is important to remember that these states of consciousness are not “better” or “worse” than another. Every soul on this Earth has their own journey to walk and their own reasons for choosing which dimensional state to live from.


    3D consciousness refers to seeing things from only the physical reality. Those living in 3D see themselves as separate from others, and there may not be a desire to dig deep and understand the deeper meaning of things. In 3D, things are perceived as good or bad, and fulfillment is found in making money and gaining social status. “Survival of the fittest” is the theme, and there is an illusion of lack and acquiring something before it “runs out”. There is plenty of joy to be felt in 3D, but pain and deeper emotions can be difficult to manage.


    4D consciousness begins to awaken to the idea that we are all connected and that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Thoughts are powerful and can shift the way reality is perceived. Duality and the idea of good and bad is still experienced, but there is more compassion and understanding behind it. Those living in 4D understand that life is meant to be enjoyed, and that we must start listening to our intuition and feeling into our energy. The magic and synchronicity of the Universe is beginning to become apparent.


    Within the 5D consciousness, love and compassion reign supreme and there is a discard of egoic thinking. Those living in 5D understand that we are all one, we are all connected, and there is a higher purpose for all things. Life becomes an adventure of growth and there is no such thing as good or bad. There are stronger feelings of love and connectedness with others, the planet and even the galaxies around us. Everyone is considered to be equal and there is a desire to live from a place of pure authenticity.

    Avaala is what we call Pure Love Energy; it is conscious, unconditional love without our human ego-projections. In our world, traditional love at the human level may be limited, programmed, conditioned or damaged. Pure love energy or conscious love energy is free of these human hindrances because it comes from source. This is what we call Avaala. We believe that Avaala gives our lives meaning, guidance, fulfillment, energy to help ourselves and others. What’s more, Avaala also gave us our business name!


    Say Avaala a few times fast… “Avaala, avaala, avaala, avaala, avaala”
    What do you hear?
    Love All.