Divine Soul beings,

You’re here to receive Soul guidance around the energy for 8/8 Lions Gate 2021.

I am here to share with you the codes and the activations of this incredible epic portal and how to prepare yourself so that you can receive all the light codes, all the opportunities, all that your frequency needs to create in order to align to the promises of the 8/8 2021 portal.

8/8 Lions Gate is the portal into the New Earth. It’s the access point of our eighth chakra, which is located at the base of our skull in that soft seat of the medulla oblongata, the breath of life. We are receiving the Breath of Life activations and conscious codes through our 8th chakra through this Lions Gate portal.

The Lions Gate portal comes with blessings of Conscious Love, Sacred Abundance and complete Soul Freedom so you can enjoy it all. This is the portal into heaven on earth frequency. The guidance that I’m here to give you is for you to tune in… tune in to what your highest optimum timeline looks like coming out of the 8/8/2021 Lions Gate portal. Beginning on July 26th, going all the way to August 12th, this portal is open for you to step into your highest frequency here on the New Earth.

Imagine a Gateway that opens for you to step into your highest timeline. Wouldn’t you take it? The ticket into this gateway is your frequency, and when your frequency is able to vibrate on the openness, surrendering, alignment and the calling in of your heart center, activating the conscious part of you and creating love from there, you will receive conscious love, sacred abundance, and soul freedom.

Conscious love is being able to love from that higher frequency, that elevated perspective, where you can love all – all parts of yourself and all parts of existence. Sacred abundance is abundance that you cannot buy because it’s that inner abundance. The financial freedom that comes from that inner abundance is the promise of the New Earth.

Accessing that with your frequency is the opportunity and invitation that you have during this 8/8 Lions Gate portal. Complete Soul Freedom is freedom from your human stories, allowing you to be able to enjoy yourself in these highest frequencies.

Everything that you have been working on for the last three years since 2017, you have an opportunity to receive completion around. When you receive completion around all the things that you have been actively working on and you are able to own those energies and transmute those energies by July 26th, you will be able to feel the vibrations and the support of the Lions Gate portal.

The Lions Gate portal is imbued with the highest frequencies of abundance, conscious love and soul freedom here on the new Earth. It is absolutely essential at this time for you to tune into what frequencies you are creating with right now because it is manifesting in real-time dynamic, materializing into physical reality all the frequencies that are happening inside you during these epic transits.

You are being scanned on a 24/7 to see if any of those portal frequencies match you to enter this portal. You have an opportunity right now to begin preparing until August 12th.

You have an opportunity right now to focus on your food frequency – what are you putting into your body? Are you being conscious and aware that you’re putting frequency into your body when you take in food? Are you aware that you can shift your frequency by moving your body consciously? You can take stuck emotional energy and use your physical body to transmute it.

You have the opportunity to meet with your healers, your guides, your team and begin to make the necessary changes in your life, both in 3rd dimensional reality and on an energetic level so that you can have the capacity to receive these highest frequency codes, in addition to the materialized physical reality. That is possible for you if you are actively aligning.

Tune in – Where are you stuck in your stories? Is their forgiveness that you still have to confront, within yourself or in your relationships? Is their shame that you need to release and bless? Are there parts of you that you have been avoiding, conversations that you have not been having?

All of these questions that you’re asking yourself are providing you with the frequencies you need to clear your system so that you can be light enough to enter this portal. You cannot enter this portal with any baggage. You cannot enter this portal with density and unprocessed energy. You are being asked to elevate yourself so that you can be one of the initiated Creators of the New Earth.

Only through your frequency will you be able to take advantage of this epic – the beginning really – of the New Earth. 8/8 Lions Gate 2021 portal is the entrance. It is the gateway; the physical manifestation of life as a Creator here on the New Earth.

So I welcome you to really tune in to see if you’re ready for such an upleveling. Is your capacity ready to align to your highest, most organic timeline here on the New Earth? This is my invitation to you during this time of preparation to enter the Lions Gate portal.

We have been initiated through the 7/7 portal. This energy is carrying us through. If you are riding high on the 7/7 portal you will be effortlessly and easily guided to the seat of your soul that’s waiting for you in your high heart, 12D consciousness activated, because you can only create on the New Earth from that pure Source love energy frequency. So allowing yourself the gift of this opportunity, this invitation, for you to go really deep and be prepared in your energy body to receive the planetary changes that are going to be made visible after the 8/8 Lions Gate portal.

Tremendous things will happen all around us on a planetary level as these frequencies are ascending Mother Gaia to that level of instant manifestation and 5D reality. There is absolutely nothing worth hanging onto in your human story that is worth you missing a chance to become an embodied Creator here on the New Earth.

Everything that you are hanging onto in your old reality is falling apart, right before your very eyes. This is not something that you can hang onto with strategy, with planning, with your mind. This is something that is happening on a planetary and energetic level, whether you believe it or not.

The more you’re open to releasing, the more you’re open to detaching, the more you can land in a place of non judgement, non-attachment, and anchoring into your zero point within you – that Sacred Union of masculine and feminine energies in your high heart – then the more you will stay calm and neutral through these incredible changes that are happening on the planet.

It is not going to be what your ego is expecting. It is going to be something that it is unheard of – unseen and unexperienced by your human. Allow yourself to release all mind attachments, to step into this unknown, trusting that the energy will carry you through.

There is a golden bridge across this portal that your frequency can hop onto and ride – this golden bridge into the New Earth. This is a possibility and an invitation for you to Receive at this time!

Thank you so much for stepping up and doing this most important work. Raising our frequency to be able to go through these incredible portals is the work of the light. Staying grounded and centered in pure love energy in your high heart, in your most organic and highest timelines is the work of the light.

Thank you so much for showing up as New Earth leaders, as New Earth visionaries, as lightworkers, light leaders, grid workers, healers, shamans, teachers and Masters. We welcome all of you to create with us here on the New Earth. Thank you so much for entering this 8/8 Lions Gate 2021 portal with us here at LoveAll 5D.

I am Biji and I am here to help you raise your frequency. Thank you so much for joining me.

Join Biji and the LoveAll team for the LI8NS G8TE EXPERIENCE on Sunday, August 8th to raise your frequency and walk through this powerful portal as a collective.”