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Personal Accountability & Integrity

Personal accountability affects our energetic relationship to our own evolution and awakening. It lies within the relationship between us and Source/Universe because of its integration within every single energetic relationship: money, friends, family, time, work, career, intimacy, communication, body, etc.


The foundation of all that we strive towards is paved with elements of our personal accountability and self-discipline energy. When the energy of self-discipline is missing, nothing else sticks; no true intimate relationships, no self-love, no self-care, no fulfillment, no joy, no transformation, no evolution… Our ego is constantly fighting for personal accountability avoidance. Our self-work, on the other hand, prompts us to recognize, lean in, and overcome this resistance. This is the very essence of mastering our own energies from a heart-centered space rather than through the mind.


This mastery of personal accountability will attract people, situations, and opportunities that mirror this high vibration. You can’t attract what you haven’t energetically embodied. When you show up for yourself, everything in the Universe will begin to show up for you. You will repel situations and relationships that are of lower vibration; procrastination, apathy, flakiness, masking, negativity, etc. that cannot resonate at a high frequency. Raising your vibration to your personal best is the only way to ensure you attract the same into your reality.


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