11:11 Portal – What it is, symptoms and how to benefit from this energy update

November the 11th is coming. Will you feel the 11:11 energy? If so, this is a message from your higher self. It’s time to take charge and bring in more balance into your life. This portal opens up opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment as well as personal development and expansion. And if we can feel it, we can create it! So are you ready to align to all possibilities on this powerful 11:11 portal?

Beautiful family, LoveAll 5D is here to share conscious energy activations and transmissions that hold the Avaala frequency, pure love energy of the New Earth.

What is the 11/11 portal

The 11:11 Portal is the 11th day of the 11th month, November 11 of every year. Within the 11:11 portal, your energy bodies can access the zero-point quantum field and activate your highest frequency timeline on the New Earth with LoveAll 5D.

Everything in this Universe is energy-based and expresses itself as vibrations and frequencies. Each number has a energy signature; the sacred number sequence 11:11 is the activating code of consciousness within your DNA which releases your true potential as a Divine creator.

It is a time zone of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It’s a gateway into higher dimensions, and you will experience more synchronicities and have access to knowledge and light from your soul or higher self.

You can use this energy as an opportunity to grow spiritually by becoming aware of the heart messages coming through in everyday life situations such as seeing 11:11 on the clock, through signs or symbols.

The reason for this is that your consciousness is connected to new frequencies, which means that you are being activated on a Soul level.

1111 is the creation code

The number 11 carries the energy of creativity and innovation. It stimulates your imagination and intuition which can benefit everyone from artists like musicians or actors, scientists such as engineers or doctors, entrepreneurs who want to discover new ways of doing business in the market.

1111 is a key number to creativity and manifestation

The 11:11 portal opens up opportunities for spiritual growth, creation within all possibilites and enlightenment through personal development and expansion. And if we can think of it, we can create it! So what do you want to manifest by the end of this year?


11:11 is a master number in numerology which means it has more power than other numbers. It will take you into the magical world of quantum physics where you can create your reality.

Numerology speaking, the number 1 is a solo number, a leader, and a winning number. Number 1 also refers to anything new or first! Consider what the number 1 means- winning first place, being the first to discover something, or going it alone. It’s an extremely powerful single on its own.

It may be the start of a personal quest or venture.

How does the 11/11 portal work ?

The 11:11 portal works with our subsubconscious. We are constantly creating the experiences we have based on what is in our subconscious or programmed into us by society, authority figures and media. These beliefs trigger thoughts which create emotions that drive a behavior.

But on the 11:11 portal, we now have access to higher frequencies. Our soul is being activated and this means that the thoughts are no longer a complete match with our energy frequency anymore. This creates an opportunity for us to realign or change certain beliefs which then allows you to create new experiences in life.

The 11:11 portal is a unique gateway to create the changes you want in your life because it brings clarity for new messages which can help you grow and evolve. This energy allows us to expand our consciousness, communicate with higher frequencies of reality and raise awareness about who we are as spiritual beings.

What does an activated 11/11 portal mean ?

When you are activated, you will feel a sense of euphoria and bliss. You will also have increased wisdom as well as insights into the next steps to take in your life, which can be confusing but exciting.

You may find that time seems distorted where you can lose track of it or experience an hour passing by very quickly with no recollection on what has happened.

When feeling this, surrender and allow yourself to expand in your energy body. You can do this by breathing deeply and saying yes to the experience.

What are the symptoms of being activated in 11/11 portal ?

You will notice a lot more synchronistic events, which seem to be odd yet are profoundly significant. These synchronistic occurrences can also be indications that your life purpose is now activated.

You may be seeing more repeating numbers like 11:11 than usual on clock faces, receipts or license plates for example. Another symptom is having more psychic dreams, the ability to see angels which are all signs that your energy is activating.

You may also feel an increase in restlessness or anxiety which is because you are vibrating at higher frequencies. This can be difficult to handle but try to stay calm and accept it.

Emotions will be amplified, so feel free to work on your fear, negative patterns and limiting beliefs with EFT Tapping , these emotions start to shift and you can experience greater peace of mind.

You may find that your awareness is heightened, as if you’re more present in the moment than before. You will also be able to sense energy fields around people and animals which many describe as a tingling sensation on the crown chakra or top of their head.

You may find that you start to hear inner guidance or messages coming through in your mind, either as an audible voice or words appearing in your head.

It might feel as if you’re floating (some individuals claim to be weightless),

How do I benefit from it ?

By being conscious of what is going on during this time you can take advantage of the opportunities for spiritual growth and enlightenment that are presented to us each day. Allow yourself to go with these messages rather than pushing them away because your don’t trust or believe it is for you.

Create an intention about things you would like to change in your life and put it out there on the 11/11 portal for example. The 1111 portal is a time to be courageous and take action with your spiritual goals.

If you are feeling out of alignment, it will be a good time to do some EFT Tapping or meditation and ask for support from your guides for healing.

This phase is a powerful time to connect with your angels, ascended masters or spirit guides. You can do this by meditating. You may choose to speak out loud and ask for their guidance in certain areas of life such as relationships, career and finances.

If you find that you hear a voice in your head, you should pay attention as it could be guidance from your intuition and heart.

When you make an intention, it can be useful to write down your 11:11 goals and place them somewhere that you will see every day to get more clarity

The frequencies of the New Earth promise a different reality than the ones we are witnessing collapse around us.

Whereas the old reality was built around an energy scarcity system, the New Earth reality is created by quantum, dynamic and conscious energy sourced through you, for your ascension benefit.

Heal your past create your future

We live in parallel universes where quantum realities exist beyond space and time. The past,  present and future can all be created simultaneously using our own conscious frequency.

Shamanism throughout all ages has taught us that we can heal our past and imagine our future into presence and being. By releasing a certain emotional charge, and arrive to a place of nuetrailty you can heal yourself.

You can also allow the frequency of 11 to illuminate your future and transform the energy of your future by increasing respect for yourself and others in the present.

Here Spirit realm and Matter interact with one Another. The 1111 gives us a visual representation of who the connection between past, present and future is.

11:11 portal for couples

1111 is a great time to set intentions for your relationship.

This is why you and your partner should set intentions together to strengthen your relationship and improve the quality of life for both of you.

11:11 is a doorway to the highest planes of vibration

which is the level of pure awareness where we can create our own reality.

The sacred union and harmonizing of the masculine and feminine energies within and on the planet is also happening during this gateway. This is the portal that supports the highest Divine unions.

Activation opportunity

If you feel a heart calling to activate yourself through this 11:11 Portal, an energetic gateway will open, and things will manifest very quickly for you. 11:11 is a sign from your Soul that it’s time to wake-up and live your true heart’s path.

11:11 is your portal to becoming a conscious creator on the New Earth; no longer a victim to your unconscious patterns, no longer a slave to the external systems and conditioning.

You are rising up in love with your full presence. You are feeling the surge of opening up to ALL possibilities.

You are ready to embody the life of a true rebel, the one who only answers to their heart and Source.

Here are a few activating 11:11 Gateway reflections for you to tune into as part of your initiation into your highest timeline:

  • Am I living my highest timeline?
  • Am I able to consistently think the highest thoughts and hold the highest visions for myself?
  • Am I focusing on what I want or what I don’t want?
  • Am I paying attention to what my thoughts are and how they affect how I feel in my body?

The 11:11 portal is an opportunity for you to receive 12 strand DNA activations. Doing this in a conscious, sacred space is optimal as your thoughts, ideas and beliefs will take material form. Often times, without our conscious intention, our energy body creates from conditioning and past traumas.

Are you ready to feel the New Earth frequencies of all possibilities in your life?

For this 11:11 portal, I feel guided to open the Avaala Gateway for you to access the zero point field and energetically align you to your highest timeline. I personally invite you to join me for this incredible cosmic event.

I consciously love you, honor you and see you as the master creator that you are. You are sovereign and free with Avaala.


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