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5 Damaged Feminine Archetypes and how to recognize them

What feminine archetype(s) do you relate to? Can you identify the source of this energy?

The Alpha Feminine Archetype

  • Dominates situations and seeks to be the one in control.
  • She uses fight and resistance as a way to protect herself and avoid vulnerability.
  • She often compares and competes (even just internally) and may be dismissive of masculine energy. 

The Victim feminine archetype

  • Typically finds herself in a fear-based mindset
  • Has trouble taking responsibility and creating her life
  • Often blames the external world for perceived problems and has trouble trusting masculine energy. 

The Manipulator feminine archetype

  • Has a hard time knowing and/or expressing her authentic truth
  • May not have a strong sense of self
  • Believes she needs to perform or mask parts of herself to please people
  • Plays games and agendizes to control the perceptions of others. 

The Mom feminine archetype

  • Typically comes from codependent dynamics
  • She gains a sense of identity and self-worth by catering to others.
  • May feel burden energy of being the one who worries and “takes care” of things
  • Is attracted to men who need “fixing” or to be cared for.

The Vixenfeminine archetype

  • Uses external validation as a way to cope with low self-worth
  • Often performs or competes for attention from the masculine.
  • Believes the only way to receive love is through sexual attention. Will consciously and unconsciously attract unavailable men. 


Everyone has elements of damaged feminine within, including men.

For some, the concept of having inner feminine damage can bring up resistance to looking deeper into the source of this conditioning.

But acknowledging and identifying your damage is the first step towards taking responsibility for it, loving it, and releasing it.

The process of bringing conscious awareness to ALL parts of you is an act of unconditional love for yourself.

This important healing work inspired RECEIVE, a three month Sacred Feminine container, for the feminine powerhouses out there who are ready to confront their damage and call on the next level of abundance, connection, and materialization on every level.

If you’re a Light Leader, Soulprenuer, or Boss Babe ready to do the deep inner alchemy to step into your everything, then it’s time to RECEIVE. Entry into this intimate container will be by application only, and only those who are ready to dive into this work whole-heartedly with 100% commitment will align. Is this you?

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