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If you haven’t cleared past energy, your Divine partner can’t come into your field. You must clear your space for them to enter. Is your field crowded with old stories, programming, and baggage from past relationships and partners? Closeout any remaining ties to romantic partners in the past to create space for your cosmic beloved.

If you haven’t healed the shadow aspects of your conditioned responses to the opposite sex – jealousy, control, manipulation, selfishness, neediness, codependency, etc. – you’re going to attract the same frequency in your partner. Heal your masculine and feminine damage and transcend your past traumas to connect deeply to yourself, unconditionally love yourself, and, ultimately, call in what you know you deserve.

The first step towards creating your new reality is taking ownership that you’ve created your past reality. Release thoughts and phrases such as, “there are no good men out there” and “all women are trouble.” Blaming others or anything outside of yourself for your experience only keeps you stuck and invites the same sabotage into your next relationship.

Do you feel you’re being 100% authentic and truthful with yourself and others? When you avoid speaking your needs, feelings, fears and doubts, you are withholding your truth. How can the Universe give you what you want if you don’t know what it is or don’t claim the energy? Check in to whether you’re creating a persona for yourself or masking your Soul’s true desires.

How often do you go on a date and openly speak about what it is you want to create with them?

Get clear on your boundaries and intentions with others and then communicate from your heart.

Getting specific with what you’re creating is the golden key to manifesting it into physical reality.

Attract love into your life by living and loving your life for you, not by needing anything externally.

Create joy, gratitude, and excitement for life on a daily basis without a partner will call in the same frequency alignment in another. Get specific about the love you desire, create what you want to feel, and then frequency-experience that feeling in order to attract it in.

After you’ve frequently created your experience, don’t allow the mind stories, expectations, and labels to come into play with the “how”. Your divine partner won’t show up under your preconceived beliefs about what they “should” look like. When the mind intrudes on the heart’s manifestation, you’re entering self-sabotage territory. Let go, surrender to the creation, and trust in Divine timing.

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