Discover Your Sacred Feminine Archetype

What is Sacred Feminine Energy? 

Regardless of gender identity, you have both masculine and feminine energy within. Each performs a necessary function in creating.

Feminine energy Vs Masculine energy

The masculine energy is action-based. It moves forward, takes action, and makes things happen. The feminine energy on the other hand, is circular and magnetic. The energy moves in a spiral and is embracing, which is why feminine energy is the Source of Creation.

What Are The Sacred Feminine Archetypes?

Understanding the Sacred Feminine archetypes can help you identify how you’re creating in life as a powerful, Sacred woman.

By connecting with these archetypes, you can tap into the Sacred Feminine energy that you want to consciously create with.

Which Feminine Archetype do you connect to

The Primal Feminine  Archetype

She is an instinctual, animal. It is the most “Human” aspect of womanhood.

Its forces are lineage and elemental. It’s a pure, uncensored, unmasked expression of feminine energy.

It is the little girl/the toddler within you.

When this archetype feels loved and safe, she is playful and free but like a toddler, watch out if she is tired, hungry, scared or angry!

The Lover Feminine Archetype

When healed, the Lover is free to dance her own dance.

She creates with her second chakra, birthing passion, charisma, magnetism. The shadow of this archetype is your inner teenager who creates fantasies, fights, controls, resists, plays games and manipulates love in order to feel accepted.

She will sabotage and self destruct if she doesn’t spiritually mature and grows to love herself.

The Mother Feminine Archetype

The Mother is liberated from her inner little girl and her rebel teenager.

She has been initiated into her WOMB alchemy and taps into the life and death cycle of the Divine Mother.

Fearless in her TRUTH, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, she deeply knows and honours herself. 

She is the expression of unconditional love. She is the initiated Sacred Feminine woman.

The Mystic Feminine  Archetype

The Mystic is the cosmically elevated Sacred Feminine Healer.

She is the Mother turned Healer with the Divine Purpose of Service. 

She has liberated herself from her ego and society.

She is beyond the illusion of HERSELF. She has awakened to her powers and uses them for the highest good.

She lives from her pure heart and she is granted the powers of the Sacred Feminine Shakti.

The Goddess Feminine  Archetype

The Goddess is the EMBODIED Sacred Feminine Shakti Force, expressed in human form. 

She is the fully initiated Sacred Feminine Creator of the New Earth.

She is fearless, she is TOTAL. When you are in her frequency, You are in the presence of 12D Christ Consciousness.



Do you feel insecure in your decisions?

Do you find yourself fighting or struggling to get what you want?

Do you doubt the men around you or their capabilities?

If you said yes to any of these, then your feminine energy isn’t flowing.

👉 It’s time for you to flow this stuck energy and step into your Goddess birthright! It’s time for your Sacred Feminine initiation…

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