What is 5D Consciousness and How to Use It for Self-Improvement?

The concept of 5D consciousness is a theory and a reality that has been gaining traction in the past few years. It has been proposed as an elevated experience living through the heart frequency of emotion, and not the mind that is limited to time and space. Society has been experiencing only three dimensions of life for as long as we are aware. In this blog post, we will discuss what 5D Consciousness is and how it differs from 3D consciousness. We will also provide you with tips on how to use it for self-improvement!

What is 5D Consciousness and why does it matter

5D Consciousness is where quantum physics meets spirituality. In this five dimensional space, the energetic frequency creates reailty. Through releasing the control of the mind, consciousness can expand into the dimension of emotion.Thoughts and feelings vibrating on the same frequency as the heart chakra allow you to create and materialize with the expression of your voice – the 5th chakra. 

5D Consciousness helps us solve problems and make decisions in a different way because it transcends the linear mind to consider all possibilities through time, space, and the physical.

One reason 5D Consciousness is important is that modern physicists are considering that there may be multiple universes (also known as parallel universes) that exist simultaneously in our own world. By tapping into hese other dimensions or parallel universes, what is available to us expands considerably.

The fifth dimension is where the physical, mental and spiritual planes meet.

In order to have a healthy level of consciousness in our life, we need to be fully aware that there are typically five levels or layers of energy bodies that make up the various aspects of who we are: body, mind (ego), emotions, spirit (soul), & ether (time and space).

Main differences between 3D Consciousness and 5D Consciousness

In 3D consciousness, we are severely limited in what we think and experience because of time and space. That means we use logic and reasoning to make decisions, based on what is “possible.” And it is a very self-centred way of thinking.

As it is, physical reality is either/or, black or white and linear. We create based on what we know works, what has been proven. With this mindset we prioritize external results over internal emotions, feelings and experiences .

In contrast, in the fifth dimension of consciousness, there are no limitations of time and space. That means we can exist without the blocks of worry, anxiety, and lack. We also learn how to tap into inner intuition and heart truth, instead of using logic and the mind alone.

The main goal in 3D consciousness is to survive, which can lead to money and material focus, selfishness, and even control, power, greed and violence if not properly managed. People operating on this level of consciousness are still stuck in adolescence or early adulthood. They have not matured past their inner child woundings.

In contrast, those at a higher level of consciousness realize that there is more available to life when you transcend the fear-based mindset of survival and wellbeing. They desire a better world, created from community and unity, rather than living in the illusion of separation. They recognize that we are all part of one collective consciousness and we can all benefit from cooperating with one another, even if our ideas or beliefs may differ from others. This is loving ALL. 

How can I use this in my life?

Once you realize there is more to the experience of life than fulfilling survival and well-being, you’ll be able to make elevated, future-oriented decisions about how to spend your time and energy in responsible and creative ways.

Existing in a higher level of consciousness means you connect with all of life from a heart space, flowing with the universe and it’sl laws. It is difficult for the human-ego mind to heart-understand this perspective. As you raise in consciousness, have compassion and do not react from your ego space. It is more important to focus on your own growth and development and not tryto change others’ perspectives. We can not heal others before healing ourselves. No one wants to be taught or told how to be when that person isn’t practicing (embodying) what they are speaking about. Do not try to control how others are living, you can only control your own inner energy.  

The benefits of 5D Consciousness

You may be wondering why 5D Consciousness is so beneficial. This elevated consciousness awakens you to the powerful energy within that you can harness to create and manifest anything that you desire, all possibilities. 

  1. Freedom from the past
  2. Living in the present moment
  3. Creativity is unleashed through the heart and soul
  4. Effortless manifestation of desires comes true
  5. Unlimited potential for success, abundance, health, happiness and more
  6. Heal all lack, shame, guilt, and fear from conditioning and upbringing

The possibilities are endless. When desire comes from a place of heart and not the mind, the Universe works with you, and in favor of you.

What are some of the characteristics that define a person with a consciousness in the fifth dimension?

They have an awareness of themselves as multidimensional, spiritual beings. This spirituality can be one particular religion or belief system, but it is usually more abstract and does not necessarily relate to any specific organized faith.

They understand that their thoughts become reality. They work consistently to release subconscious programming, which will give them a clearer opportunity to create what vibrates with the heart. They are able to better manifest their desires in the physical world through intentional expression of the heart and throat chakra.

Everything is energy. Every thought, and feeling has a frequency that is projected out into the universe. 

Quantum physicists have found that they can actually change the physical reality around them with the power of the understanding that what is internal reflects in the external. 

They also understand how to use universal laws such as manifesting and karma, for their benefit. They know these principles are not just theories but rather real forces that work whether we believe in them or not.

5D Consciousness and Sacred Feminine energy

The fifth dimension is primarily associated with creative energy, which is feminine energy. Sometimes referred to as “the Sacred Feminine” or “Shakti”. 

The Sacred Feminine lives within us all living beings on earth, including the ocean, moon, and trees. It is an energy that cannot be seen or heard, but can be felt. The Sacred Feminine energy is sometimes known as “Shakti. “ Shakti is the universal creative energy, the vital energy and dynamic aspect of everything that is manifested. Shakti is the primordial feminine force of evolution and creation.

A person in a fifth dimension state of consciousness, with flowing Shakti energy, has a strong connection to their intuition and may even be able to tap into other people’s thoughts or intentions. They are also more likely to feel and flow their emotions, rather than creating stuck energy by trying to use and understand through the mind. 

They don’t ignore negative energies like anger, sadness or fear, but accept and allow them as part of the human experience. They authentically express themselves, so they are able to transmute emotions into high-frequency energies, instead of suppressing or repressing their true feelings.

Activating Your 5D Frequency

To start awakening to 5D Consciousness, try to actively focus on your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The idea is that if you feel, declare, and release energy to the universe then you can actively create what you want.

Listen to your heart and what you are feeling. The Soul/higher Self communicates with you in many subtle ways. Everything has meaning. If you find yourself thinking negatively, don’t ignore the emotion; this is compromising your truth and heart. Feel it, understand it and replace the stories your mind has attached to certain frequencies, witht new visions, thoughts and creations, rooted in unconditional love and acceptance.

It’s easy to get lost in negative thoughts because of all the chaotic situations in life. However, if we do not actively work towards shifting these inner feelings and thoughts through awareness and allowance, they will manifest in your external reality. This is universal law. 

The key is self-awareness and love. It can be difficult for someone who has spent years operating on a lower level to change their point of view immediately, but with time, practice and guidance, anything is possible.

The first step is understanding that there are other levels of consciousness besides the one you’re used to. It may also help to surround yourself with people who are also learning, and people who embody these characteristics, so it can be easier for you to see them in action.

If you want to know more about 5D consciousness and living through your heart frequency, follow us on Instagram @loveall5d, and/or book a free clarity call with Sacora of LoveAll 5D. We are here to support you in this transition and what is possible for your Soul!

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