• Zero Point Activation
    Frequency Mastery

    Zero Point Activations Session

    Written by: Rebecca Wiley and Angela Plaugher @ Conscious Infinity Zero-Point Activations® – ZPA® is a form of spiritual alchemy that transforms/transmutes stagnant or undesirable energy by accessing the heart frequency or the perfect frequency of creation.  Consciousness/Energy never disappears but can be changed from one frequency to another. Every circumstance in your life is based off of the law of attraction. You will manifest in this reality, events or circumstances that parallel the frequencies that you are carrying in your consciousness. Therefore, by accessing the zero-point, frequencies can be instantaneously changed. The natural balance of such a change is attracting like events or circumstances in your 3D reality. ZPA®…

  • Zero point field @ the LoveAll 5D Retreat
    Frequency Mastery

    Ascension User Guide to the Zero Point Field

    Written by: Kaya Michelle How does the Zero Point Field relate to Spiritual Ascension? Scientists say that The Zero Point Field is the place from which all possibilities, all options, basically everything, originates. It’s like THE cosmic drawing-board. A place where your soul can try out any experience you would like. It’s a place to find your self, the truth, and the heart of creation from your point of view. It’s all about YOUR experience and transmuting the suffering aspects into a higher vibration such as joy. Those experiencing ascension will find their way organically. As our world morphs and transmutes with the increasing light codes from the universe we…

  • LoveAll5D Sacred Space
    Frequency Mastery

    The Zero Point Field and Healing

    Written by: Teal Swan At our most fundamental level, the human body and the human mind are not separate from the rest of our environment. Everything that is, is comprised of energy. So in actuality, we are this energy, which is vibrating in such a way that it differentiates us as human instead of a table or any number of other things we see in our every day lives. It was not until the mid-20th century that quantum physicists first identified this “energy field” which seemed to lie at the heart of existence. Science identified it as an omnipresent energetic substructure. And they called it the Zero-Point field. Electromagnetic radiation…

  • Mikko & Biji, Frequency Masters @loveall5d
    Our Story

    The Journey To Embodiment

    Written by: Biji | Frequency Master & Founder @LoveAll 5D We, as a family, have dedicated our beings, our life, and all of our resources to unconditionally embodying our spirit consciousness on our life’s journey. I remember the first time we truly and intentionally went into our nothing, facing all our deepest fears – our children 10 and 13 years old at the time, reassured me to not give up when I felt I couldn’t continue on our path to mastering energy. Their unwavering faith, inner connection to Source, and embodied love in action broke my heart again and again. The medicine of these heartbreaks is precious. We transcend the…

  • Frequency Alchemist Biji
    Biji Updates

    Personal Accountability & Integrity

    Personal accountability affects our energetic relationship to our own evolution and awakening. It lies within the relationship between us and Source/Universe because of its integration within every single energetic relationship: money, friends, family, time, work, career, intimacy, communication, body, etc. The foundation of all that we strive towards is paved with elements of our personal accountability and self-discipline energy. When the energy of self-discipline is missing, nothing else sticks; no true intimate relationships, no self-love, no self-care, no fulfillment, no joy, no transformation, no evolution… Our ego is constantly fighting for personal accountability avoidance. Our self-work, on the other hand, prompts us to recognize, lean in, and overcome this resistance.…

  • Mikko & Biji
    Frequency Mastery

    Master Your Life

    Written by: Mikko & Biji | Frequency Masters  & Founders @LoveAll 5D Now, more than ever, it is crucial to master your energy on a vibrational level. What does it mean to master your energy? It means you have the ability to choose inner peace in every moment, regardless of external forces. It means you have the ability to choose balance and neutrality in the moments you feel triggered and reactive. Once you’ve mastered your energy, you have the power to navigate through your reality, designing it moment by moment. You may be asking yourself, “Why is this necessary when I’m already successful in many areas of my life?” Yes,…