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    Sadhana: How To Set Your Day Up Right

    Are you just learning about a Sadhana practice? Maybe this is your first time hearing the word ‘Sadhana’. Maybe you’re looking to dive deeper into a spiritual practice. Whatever it is, this guide provides information on what Sadhana is, how to master it, and what tools you need to expand your practice. Just like you maintain your personal hygiene on a daily basis, consider your spiritual hygiene too. With a daily Sadhana morning practice, you will clean your energy and begin each day with a fresh start.

  • Mikko & Biji
    Daily Practices

    How Sacred Union Works

    Through their individual energy training, Mikko and Biji aligned to one another in Divine, Sacred Union by balancing, healing, honoring and integrating their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. During their nearly decade long sacred partnership, they’ve burned karma to become clear reflections for one another and embodied conscious communication in unconditional love. Although Sacred Union is a beautiful reunion of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in human form, this type of mastery doesn’t always look as beautiful as it’s meaning. If Sacred Union alignment means transformation and completion for the Soul, then we know it’s also a process of deep healing and expansion for the human. Mikko…

  • Breath of Fire with Mikko
    Daily Practices

    Breath of Fire

    Written by: Mikko Carrea | Frequency Alchemist | Founder @loveall5d I was an athlete my whole life and did not stretch like I should have, so my ego was always resisting and avoiding yoga. Because of being an athlete I knew the focus and energy it took to work towards mastery. Regardless, I walked forward and finally confronted my yoga lack of awareness. I tried Kundalini Yoga for the first time in my mid twenties. At the time I lived in Los Angeles. I had heard of a place called Golden Bridge Yoga that sparked my interest and I finally got around to giving it a try. FIRST CLASS: I…