• Biji LoveALL 5D
    Frequency Mastery,  The Journey

    Manifesting at The Edge of Creation

    Hello beautiful soul family, this is Biji đź’—. In this blog post I will take a moment to reflect and recap the past two months for you.  Starting with our virtual retreat back in May (that some of you here were a part of!) which was one of the most powerful retreats that Mikko and I have held space for. Mikko and I consciously allowed space for the densest energy to be expressed through the toxic masculine and feminine interactions in real-time. If you’re new to energy work, this is a powerful modality in which you can frequency-create the imbalanced dynamic to be dynamically alchemical – without controlling, censoring or…

  • Listening to the call of the Universe by Mikko
    Frequency Mastery,  The Journey

    Listening to the call of the Universe

    Written by: Mikko Carrea | Frequency Alchemist | Founder @loveall5d The work works. Trust me, even in those moments where you feel you’re getting nowhere, you’re doing the work. Keep going. If you put all your energy into your personal practice, consistently, that’s all it takes to master your life. It’s all about consistency. The key to breakthrough after breakthrough is consistency. By showing up for yourself, you’re showing the Universe through physical action that you unconditionally love yourself. For example, if you receive a directive from the Universe – you feel that ping that makes you say, “Oh… the energy is asking me to be over here or to…