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How Sacred Union Works

Mikko & Biji

Through their individual energy training, Mikko and Biji aligned to one another in Divine, Sacred Union by balancing, healing, honoring and integrating their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

During their nearly decade long sacred partnership, they’ve burned karma to become clear reflections for one another and embodied conscious communication in unconditional love.

Although Sacred Union is a beautiful reunion of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in human form, this type of mastery doesn’t always look as beautiful as it’s meaning. If Sacred Union alignment means transformation and completion for the Soul, then we know it’s also a process of deep healing and expansion for the human.

Mikko and Biji have embodied this frequency by being brutally honest with one another. There are no unspoken truths between them which means their frequency is completely clear.

They are constantly balancing their energies within and with each other, so that when stuck energy arises, they are able to move through it in the moment without hesitation.

Do partners fight in a Sacred Union? Absolutely. Energy is energy, and Mikko and Biji use conscious fighting and other modalities to move stuck energy and come back into harmony with one another. This allows them to be completely free of anything other than pure conscious love within their relationship.

Not only have Mikko and Biji aligned to and created Sacred Union for themselves, they have elevated that union to hold the frequency of Divine neutrality to heal others. They are profoundly gifted healers individually, but when united together, their power is transcendent.

Experience A Private Session With Mikko & Biji

As of July 1st, 2021, private session work with Mikko and Biji will be by application only and the starting investment will increase to $5,555. Click below to lock in this opportunity before the price and criteria change.

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