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Breath of Fire

I was an athlete my whole life and did not stretch like I should have, so my ego was always resisting and avoiding yoga. Because of being an athlete I knew the focus and energy it took to work towards mastery. Regardless, I walked forward and finally confronted my yoga lack of awareness. I tried Kundalini Yoga for the first time in my mid twenties.


At the time I lived in Los Angeles. I had heard of a place called Golden Bridge Yoga that sparked my interest and I finally got around to giving it a try.


FIRST CLASS: I learned that Kundalini Yoga is a technology. The breath of fire shifted my energy from a state of depression to a state of connection. Even if it was for a glimpse I felt the visceral present moment. Mushrooms was the last time I felt that. I was extremely curious about this modality.


SECOND CLASS: (2 days later)
I go into a class in the main room of the yoga center. Mind you, this was and felt like the Mecca of Kundalini yoga centers. Very high vaulted ceilings. Open sunlight. You could feel the conscious flow of the space. You could smell the essential oils from the store or authentic kitcherie from the cafe. I was in the right spot, which was a rare feeling for me throughout my twenties.


So I set up my mat early and began stretching and meditating. Also, I remember watching everyone all of the Authentic yogis in beautiful attire, colorful or all white. It felt light. I liked it. Class begins. I remember giving myself the intention of going into it with, I will do my absolute best in pushing through no matter how sweaty or shaky I would get. Oh wow the mantras were beautiful. This music that was supporting my breath and helping me breakthrough.


Ego eradicator was the next exercise. Powerful breath I was pushing. I was sweating. I was competing with myself and the ones around me. I made it to the end. Inhale and hold… I opened my eyes in the breathlock. The way the sun came through the sun roof, the beautiful souls choosing to be in this space here and now to work on ourselves together and the soft mantra of the heart playing cracked me open. I found myself crying about the beauty of the the moment.


The gratitude for following my heart to that very moment of breaking open. So absolutely for me this practice is an ancient technology. A physical mental and spiritual hack into dropping addiction. Awakening from depression. Heart opening. Third eye activating technology. It’s fun. It’s creative. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.


We Rise in love,

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