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8D and 9D Global Ascension | Planet Core and Magnetic Fields | Goddess Awakening

Written by: Karen Neverland


When Atlantis fell, the blackhole/stargate at the core of Gaia collapsed suddenly and the whole planet was on the brink of destruction. The Pleiadian Council was brought in with their energy technology to stabilize the core, but Gaia descended into 3D and it was unknown if she would be able to make the Ascension Gateways for her planned ascension.


Last year we stabilized the core through Human Consciousness to the point that the Pleiadians were able to pull out their technology from the mission. Since then, we have been stabilizing the Crystal Core of Gaia and it has been growing in frequency slowly, already passing 5D and moving toward 6D.


With the Cancer partial eclipse (7/12), Mother Gaia has stabilized her internal 9D Stargate and it is now in her control. This means that she is fully aware of her 9D Light Body, which includes the Stargate/Blackhole at her core, so her Torus Field is now complete and her Magnetic Field is being recalibrated.


As this internal stargate within Gaia is opened, so will the stargate within our own hearts be opened. Some have already been experiencing this level of awareness in the 9D frequency, but these shifts will extend this awareness for everyone. Many have been experiencing Zero Point and the initiations that come with that frequency, which can be quite challenging as they train Divine Neutrality.


Electric is Masculine (8D)
Magnetic is Feminine (9D)


Together with these two forces in Harmony, we complete our Torus electromagnetic fields. Zero Point is Feminine and exists in the Center of the Torus pulling in and receptive. We send out Electric Masculine energy from the Heart to Create.


As we upgrade to 9D, the magnetic fields are being adjusted on Gaia and within our own body fields. Get outside on the ground as much as you can to help the body adjust to the new codes. This is tending to feel spaced out, vertigo, ungrounded, nausea, off balance, stomach queasy, or sudden headaches.  Lay on the Earth and let each chakra calibrate one by one.


Magnetic Field adjustments are ongoing through this Eclipse Passage and the next 6-9 months. This affects our personal magnetic fields and everyone is being templated for 9D, if you are not already.


It is interesting that the partial Eclipse was in Cancer (the Moon’s sign) and the next eclipse is in Leo (the Sun’s sign), and they sandwich a Full Blood Moon Eclipse. This three eclipse series is very special, as the Number 3 is linked to Creation and Birthing the New. Three is the Trinity (Mother-Father-Child, Sun-Moon-Earth, Mind-Body-Spirit, etc.) This is the formula of Creation and seen in the Vesica Pisces. Eclipses already carry this frequency as the Union of the Sun Moon and Earth, but this one especially.


The 7/12 partial Cancer eclipse was the opening of this Inner Stargate and it has triggered deep cleansing within and letting go of the 3D paradigm from our awareness. This is going to be intense for some, who are still really attached to that paradigm in mind and body. Regardless, the 3D timelines are falling away one at a time and energy has not been supporting their manifestation for a very long time.


This Cancer lunar month until the Solar Eclipse on August 11 is a time of the Goddess. We are in gestation in the womb and preparing for our rebirth. Until then, we are clearing, purging, and detoxing the old paradigm from our physical beings and this includes accelerated healing and overcoming physical ailments and dis-ease.


The 7/27 Full Moon in Aquarius was a Full Eclipse Blood Moon. This is the one of the longest eclipses that has happened in a long time and so will have long-lasting effects. The codes we have downloaded from this will fully awaken all of us into our Divine Purpose. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is currently in Taurus reshaping our physical world. With this Awakening, many will realize and remember the reason that they incarnated and this will be instilled in a sense of Mission in their Hearts.


A sense of Soul Mission and Oneness with Humanity is the awareness of 5D, so this will be a significant time for many to realize and wake up to what they came here to do. It is like a planned alarm clock with Mars on the South Node unraveling the old timelines at a very quick pace.


The 8/11 Leo Eclipse will rebirth the energy seeded from the last Leo Eclipse in 2017. We have held this intention of global peace and 5D awareness of Oneness/Law of One and Divine Love for this whole time, and this is a Victory as we reach the next Solar Eclipse! This will be the Rebirth into the 5D New Earth for many and the start of ascension for the final ascension wave. Others can ascend after this final wave, but the last group wave is now beginning their awakening.



During the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, 9 black cows came to visit us on a mountain top right before the Total Eclipse. It was a powerful omen for me of the return of the Goddess in the coming cycle.


With the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, everyone has now received the codes and templates to upgrade their Light Body and Physical Body to 9D, which is the Zero Point/Stargate in the Heart Center. Everyone can now ascend to this level and these upgrades will take effect over the coming 6-9 months.


This means that the traditional 7 chakra system will now be expanding to include the 8th and 9th chakras for everyone. These were originally only accessible through Divine Union, but will become standard for All on Gaia.


The challenges of opening the 8th and 9th Chakras can be difficult on the physical heart. Make sure you are taking care of your physical vessel during all of these upgrades and transitions. You are the parent for your body. Listen to yourself and the Truth of your own Heart Center. Drinking water and taking Epsom salt baths have proven valuable tools for coping with these fast fluctuating frequencies.




We have not been used to the Feminine Goddess Energy on this planet, because it goes silent during the era we have been in. The Awakening of this Energy will bring balance to the hyper-Masculine energy that has dominated. It takes a little getting used to, but open up to the Divine Feminine energy within. Feel into it. You will sense the Mother supporting you, as well as Mother Gaia. You are not alone.


There are some difficult transitions ahead of us, but this Transformation is a good thing. Many will not understand so hold a space of Love as others awaken into themselves. Love is the guide back Home.


We are moving into the new paradigm and it doesn’t matter if we believe this or not. The world has decided, Gaia has decided, and Source has decided. We are being deeply assisted in this time, but we must tune inward and face the inner work as it arises. There are real deadlines in the ascension path. This is not a reason to fear. Everyone is loved by Source. Everyone has a beautiful plan for their evolution. However, the ascension path has deadlines for when it is possible to learn certain things energetically. Everyone will be cared for with the utmost Love of Source, so trust that your path is perfect and take it a day at a time. We are all in this together.


The Goddess Awareness has returned to the planet and it is here to stay. You can feel this in your own awareness as a deeply Loving and Nurturing presence within the Heart Chakra. Many blessings to you as we transition into a time of Global Peace.


Much Love to you, My Family.
Karen Neverland –July 28, 2018


Source:  Karen Neverland

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