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Ascension User Guide to the Zero Point Field

Written by: Kaya Michelle

How does the Zero Point Field relate to Spiritual Ascension?

Scientists say that The Zero Point Field is the place from which all possibilities, all options, basically everything, originates. It’s like THE cosmic drawing-board. A place where your soul can try out any experience you would like. It’s a place to find your self, the truth, and the heart of creation from your point of view. It’s all about YOUR experience and transmuting the suffering aspects into a higher vibration such as joy. Those experiencing ascension will find their way organically. As our world morphs and transmutes with the increasing light codes from the universe we will find that we need to anchor our consciousness to the highest aspect of ourselves at source…the Zero Point Field.

More about the Zero Point Field

The Zero Point Field (ZPF) is what gives the universe structure. Here a vacuum exists causing an acceleration of all particles; this gives them a container of sorts to agglutinate or join together in order to form matter. The ZPF is a plausible explanation for the big bang and the mysterious force which is mentioned in most metaphysical and philosophical texts.

The ZPF is what holds our inner world–body–together as well as our outer world–the earth we stand on, the sun we gather warmth from and rotate around, and…everything–the space–in betweenIt’s the space in all space and everything in that space. It is literally the womb, the crucible and backdrop of all that we experience. In addition, it is the consciousness expressed within it all! Super heady concept, right? Here’s more:

  • Also called the Diamond Sun (one of many names), which emanates Diamond Light. The Diamond light matrix is a unifying field or fabric and force for everything that exists in the universe.
  • It’s a place where energy is exchanged between everything.
  • It is the energy which is exchanged and the impetus behind it all.
  • It has been referred to as Chi, the Force, the Unified Field.
  • It makes up coherent field and particle structures.
  • It is the aura around all living organisms.
  • It is the energy behind Quantum Physics–A Sea of Light–The Diamond Light.
  • It is the space the neutron occupies as it exists with the proton and electron.
  • Impulses from the field set the electron in a fixed place, giving form to thought (wave).
  • Deep within you and me and all of our DNA is this vibrant and powerful field.

How do you get into the Zero Point Field?

Some modern Physicists are equating the quantum field or the ZPF with consciousness. If this is true we should be able to ‘match’ our consciousness to that of the field within and around us. By shifting our focus from the material outer world to the vibratory quantum inner world we can, in effect, begin to vibrate at the level of our own ZPF.  Our awareness, consciousness, and field of influence can become connected to, or merge with, that of the ZPF. If you want to learn more about the levels in the universe and where the ZPF is in relation to it all read my post The Law of Harmonic Resonance.


In order to get into the quantum/ZPF you will need to shift your focus from the 5 senses to just AWARENESS.  “And since consciousness is awareness, and awareness is paying attention and noticing, once you are beyond the world of the senses, when you pay attention to the energy of the quantum field, your consciousness is connecting to greater levels of frequency and information.” from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, BECOMING SUPERNATURAL.


Getting into the ZPF is just like calling down Reiki or other energy modalities. You only need to get yourself into a very relaxed state and allow your mind to be empty and receptive. I use a chair that I can sit crossed legged in and have my back supported without slouching. It keeps me alert without falling asleep.


The hardest part is getting yourself in the mode/mood of openness and receptivity and shifting your observational system to one of pure awareness. It’s really a huge letting go of you as matter and shifting over to your receptive observational system. Be patient as you begin to play with this. It’s the ability to ALLOW instead of willing or pushing that enables you to slip into the FIELD.


Once I’m relaxed and open I set my intention (my internal GPS) to being there.  I simultaneously go there and it comes to me. It’s kind of like calling it forth within the body. Remember it exists everywhere so you can access it from any point of focus.


Here’s what you may find when you get into the ZPF:


  • It’s almost like you become the ZPF as it acts on and within ALL of what you know to be you.
  • It may show you parts of your life that may have been a challenge and how you may have misinterpreted the motivations of others or what actually happened.
  • It may feel like the past events stored within your body are dissolving or unwinding like a skein of yarn throughout your body.
  • It may feel like things are being pulled out of your body or evaporating off of your body.
  • It may feel like you are physically re-aligning your bones, muscles and organs.
  • You may feel pressure or tightness.
  • You may experience emotional shifts.
  • You may sense a connection to one of the creator worlds at this level.

After you’ve held this space for a period of time you will probably trigger full body coherence. Full body coherence is when all of your systems are coordinated, harmonious and humming happily together; kind of like a still-point pause you’d experience when receiving body-work. This is when the good stuff starts to happen:


  • You may slip into a state of expanded consciousness.
  • You may feel intense joy and experience a sense of oneness.
  • You may find you are floating and held lovingly in the darkness of space — I call this the comforting dark.
  • You may find that you are filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love.
  • You may find pure bliss flooding your awareness – you have reached the state of ANAND (in Sanskrit/Gurumuki).
Virtual Workshop_Experience The Zero Point Field
Ascension is a journey of liberation. We are meant to become sovereign beings independent of EVERYTHING but connected to EVERYTHING.

An Experience of Zero Point Field

I sit in my favorite meditation chair and close my eyes. I listen to the sounds of a warm summer day in New England to center and ground myself. With a few deep breaths I feel myself settling down so I set my intention to align with my higher self at Source. I wait and observe. It seems as though my peace is louder now. So loud and anchored it seems like it has weight and heft. Maybe the peace will engulf all the little problems in my life that buzz around me like a pesky fly. This feeling of peace is so strong it feels as if it could dissolve all of the ills of the world.


It occurs to me that peace is a force. Its power is something to be reckoned with. A skill to cultivate, and an element to wield and manipulate. It is stillness made active. It seems small when in fact it has the capacity to hold the pulsations of the universe . . . because it does. I have tapped into the zero point field.


When I hold my thinking mind at bay, with a simple command of STOP, there results a measurable shift. Suddenly I have gravity, weight, and the ability to become magnetic. It’s as if I become my own planet with its own gravitational forces, enabling other objects to rotate around me. When I’m calm the orbits of those around me are smooth and even. When I have turbulent thoughts and emotions those orbits get wonky, chaotic and may even spin right out of my field of influence.


It has taken me years to recognize that this is the place to be. True empowerment is not railing, fighting, arguing or resisting (what I do best) the flow of outside events. Empowerment is the ability to stay very still when the world is crashing in or storms are brewing. To become the peaceful center by dropping into the realm of the field, is the secret to all of it – to life. Not passive, dismissive or complacent but actively peaceful. That’s the trick. Practice this and you’ll be one step closer to mastering your life.


The deeper I go into the stillness of peace (the ZPF), the stronger it feels. Subtle chain reactions are triggered within the cells of the body and ripple out to the energy field – the quantum field – the universe. The secret combinations to the locks of the universe click into place, opening long hidden-away doors to sacred pathways. I am suddenly nothing and everything all at once.


Few travel here. Travel here must be earned. It takes sweat, tears and, at times, blood to win the key to these hallowed halls. So I tread with grace and gratitude. I know the cost. I have paid the price of admission. Done the work. Suffered, toiled and wrung my hands. So many times wanting to tap out of the game; crying ‘Uncle’ to make it stop and all go away. My small mind would have quit long ago but the still place within kept up. It was my cultivation, my frequent, and many times clumsy, trips to the well of stillness, which gave me the strength and power to continue.


It was the power of the zero-point field, the field of infinite possibilities that kept me going, even when I didn’t know it was there, and times when I forgot. Now, I spend a little time there everyday and I intend to continue to do so. That is, until I forget again, cuz that’s life.


Thank you for reading!


Wishing you an abundance of blessings on your journey . . .please take what resonates with you and let the rest go.


Infinite Love,


Source: Kaye Michelle

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