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Awakening 3-6-9 Vortex Zero Point | 6D Embodiment | 9D Light Body

Article written by Karen Neverland

Many of the Global Community are activating new 6D Embodiment, which includes a whole new way of manifesting and functioning in the 3D Matrix using Zero Point (9D). Though it is difficult to understand this before you have awakened the multidimensional awareness, I will do my best to explain.


The Tri-Harmonic Gates are Attuning us to 6D, so we embody the 3-6-9 Harmonics in our Torus Field and Light Body. 6D is a whole new dimensional understanding. The Indigos are born with this dimensional layer already in their light bodies, so they are bringing this Trinity Gate just by being here, though few understand what they are really experiencing until they ground and integrate it. The Masters in Body are activating this layer in their current Embodiment of Ascension.


When we look at Vortex Math we can understand how the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, and 5 form a circuit like an infinity figure 8, and this is the 8D Torus Field. When we have activated 6D (3rd+6th chakras=9), we now form the 3-6-9 formation, adding a whole new dimensional layer for the 9D Light Body.


When you look at the vortex below, you can see how there are two separate groupings of numbers. I encourage you to research Vortex Math on your own, since it is a large topic and more than I can explain here, though it will greatly help you understand the 6D dynamics and its connection with Zero Point (9D) and the Torus Field (8D).

369 Vortex
Vortex Math

The Light Body is a Merkaba or two interlocking triangles. In 6D, there is a new dimensional layer overlaying for this Tri-Harmonic Convergence. The closest visual match to this new light body is the Solfeggio three interlocking triangles, the third being 3-6-9 and greater attuning us to Zero Point/Vortex.

6D light body

We have been through the Age of Isis and the Age of Osiris. Now we are entering the Age of Horus–The Divine Child. This is a new paradigm which includes the Trinity of Mother-Father-Child or 3-6-9, and much will be shifting to initiate us into deeper understanding of the New over 2020 and beyond.


There is also a strong connection with awakening 6D and tuning into the Ley Line Grids of the planet. When we are aware of the Zero Point within ourselves, we can tune into the Zero Point of Gaia as well, which connects us to her Ley Lines/Dragon Lines. It is no coincidence that the lines run every 30-60-90 degrees.


As we atTUNE our frequency to the Harmonics of 6D, we are able to greater feel, sense, and work with frequencies of energy in ourselves, others, and the Ley Line Grids of Mother Earth.

2019 was a powerful year for clearing and activating our 3-6-9 Harmonics, which is why so many were purging old energy to a great degree, which required a lot of inner work and stillness. In 2020, we are Resurrecting and accelerating forward in this Grand Journey. We’re all in this together.

The Birth of the Sun
A New Day of Earth has Come
On our way back Home.

Blessings on your Divine Journey and Resurrection in 2020. Love, Wisdom, and Power.
–January 5, 2020 (by Karen Neverland)

Source: Karen Neverland

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