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Can I Become Enlightened?

We look at the enlightened ones as out of reach, it’s not something you can obtain yourself, but that’s just not true….


I realized on my path, there are many enlightened beings.




The planet is full of enlightened beings. Thank goodness it’s not every thousands of years you have Buddha, and then another thousands of years you have Christ, it’s not true.


Enlightened beings have walked this planet, they always have, they always will… and there are many paths to get there. The paths to enlightenment are all internal, and they all start with your heart frequency…


Enlightenment doesn’t come through the mind. It comes through the frequency of your being. Why? Because you can’t fake energy! We can discuss things that are sacred and spiritual in nature that your mind could never conceive of, or even understand. Since the mind cannot understand these deep spiritual concepts, they have to be confirmed through your heart.


Through your own awakening path and by receiving conscious energy, you are able to go back to your true self of “the creator”. You re-establish your connection to Source, God Source Creator, Creator of all Consciousness.


Then, through your own connection to Source – not through anything external – you can confirm truths from your own heart. This is how you establish and maintain your Divine Sovereignty. As an enlightened being, you honor the creator by honoring the creator within you and maintaining your Divine Sovereignty through your own connection to Source.


Your connection to source allows true connection to self which allows true connection with every relationship you have around you. Maintaining your connection to Source is a very sound way to honor yourself.


The final piece to this is authenticity. Enlightenment resides in this state of awareness and presence where every area of life reflects complete authenticity… not perfection, but authenticity. So, an enlightened being is not one who is perfect, an enlightened being is one who is consciously awake within their imperfection.

Are you awakening to who you are? Are you realizing your true power as the creator? Are you honoring your divine sovereignty in complete authenticity?


Then, most importantly, are you doing the work to stabilize this frequency? Yes, you can experience moments of enlightenment, but are you experiencing your consciousness this way all of the time?


Enlightenment is a consistent state of frequency. It is your grounded and embodied frequency that is stabilized at your high heart center. In this state, your energy bodies are not affected by anything that’s happening outside of you because you have mastered your internal being.


This embodied inner mastery IS enlightenment, and it is available to ALL… So, yes, you can become enlightened if you so choose, and the first step is connecting with your heart. From there, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless… What is it that you want to create?


Love All,


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