Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

Frequency Training | Online Course

Become The Master Of Your Life

Activate and accelerate transformation in every area of your life.


Learn and understand your triggers in the moments that matter the most

Release stuck energy in order for your body to thrive without the presence of illness and disease

✓ Bounce back from triggering situations faster and with more grace

✓ Feel confident because you put consistent, disciplined effort into bettering yourself

✓ Feel so satisfied with your life that you stop looking elsewhere for pleasure

✓ Create from inspiration not obligation

✓ Respond with compassion in difficult situation

Discover Your Human System Through Your Elements



Are you…




Are you…






People pleasing?





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Transform Your Life By Mastering Your Energy

Our Human-Soul System contains the energy of all four elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Each element helps determine who we are, how we feel and what we manifest into our physical reality. When we awaken our Soul, we have the power to work with and not against the elements inside us.
The elements directly affect your frequency, and working with your elements unblocks the chakras. Your relationship with your elements determines how your elements create. The frequency that each chakra vibrates on directly creates your reality. Our element system is our human system. You have to separate yourself out from what makes up your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. Then you are left with your Soul. To do chakra work you have to confront the elements of your body.


Here's What You'll Receive

Using spiritual practices and healing modalities from ancient and modern traditions, energy alchemists Mikko and Biji will teach you how to become the deliberate creator of your life by mastering your internal energy. 

This transformative online course functions as a fast-track to self-mastery by incorporating Kundalini yoga, shamanic energy healing, guided reflection practices, quantum breathwork exercises, and a host of other modalities that will support you in elevating your consciousness and transmuting the habits, distortions and belief structures that are no longer serving you.

✓ Your Welcome Booklet

✓ Welcome Videos

✓ Introduction to the Elements

✓ Pure Love Energy

✓ Train Your Energy

✓ What’s Happening on the Planet

✓ The Planetary Perspective

✓ Kundalini Energy Work & Opening Exercises

✓ Intro to Your Energy Practice

✓ Early Morning Energy Practices

✓ Introducing the Power of Mantras

✓ The Gayatri Mantra

✓ Module 1 Worksheet

✓ Intro to the Earth Element
✓ Finding the Divine Purpose of Your Body
✓ Earth Element Journal
✓ Earth Element: Strengths and Weaknesses
✓ LIVE Session; Abundance
✓ Where Energy is Stored
✓ Kyra Guided Meditation
✓ Module 2 Breathwork
✓ Earth Element Audio Meditation
✓ Earth Activation Audio Meditation
✓ Grounding into Earth Audio Meditation
✓ Module 2 Worksheet

✓ Intro to the Water Element
✓ Pure Love Energy; Heart Energy
✓ Water Element Journal
✓ The Source of Checking In
✓ Water Element: Strengths and Weaknesses
✓ LIVE Session; Breaking Through Fear
✓ Your Emotions & What They Mean
✓ Krya Guided Meditation
✓ Module 3 Breathwork
✓ Water Element Audio Meditation
✓ Module 3 Worksheet

✓ Intro to the Fire Element
✓ How To Master The Fire
✓ Fire Element Journal
✓ Fire Element: Strengths and Weaknesses
✓ Krya Guided Meditation
✓ Inner Anger Reflection
✓ Module 4 Breathwork
✓ Fire Element Audio Meditation
✓ Sun Gazing Audio Meditation
✓ Module 4 Worksheet

✓ Intro to the Air Element

✓ The Air Element
✓ Air Element Journal
✓ Projections of Consciousness
✓ Air Element: Strengths and Weaknesses
✓ Moving the Air Element
✓ Breaking Through the Density Energy Work
✓ How Your Ego Takes You Down
✓ Identifying the Ego
✓ Module 5 Breathwork
✓ Air Element Audio Meditation
✓ Module 5 Worksheet

✓ Intro to Embodiment
✓ Bringing The Elements Together
✓ Embodiment Journal
✓ Embody The Work
✓ Gratitude and Appreciation
✓ Sacred Space
✓ Holding Space
✓ Healing With Frequency
⭐ Self Love and Self Care
⭐ Release and Let Go Workbook
⭐ Activating All of Your Elements
⭐ Embodiment Meditation
⭐ Module 6 Worksheet

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What Students are Saying

Current society seems to come from this place of ego and mind. When you start doing this course your realize just how much of a prisoner you are in that mind space. So finally letting go of all that and coming back to the heart is the most liberating process a human can do. I feel truly like myself when I am in my heart space, that is who I truly am.

Christina, US Online Course

    This Fire Element module blew my mind and broke open my heart from how much inner anger I have been carrying around. I don’t yell, I don’t cry...and I’m just now at 36 figuring out my crying is anger rather than sadness. I know why for 20 years I have drank so much: partially to numb the pain of life, but also to ignite that fire within me that I’ve kept subdued. It’s time to start speaking my truth more and not letting my inner anger be the driving factor of so many of my decisions.

    Joanna, CA Online Course

      After doing the air element module I felt INCREDIBLE. I can feel myself now becoming more grounded and truly in the moment with less illusions, less of what I think I know, and more awareness of the truth happening before me. I now know the importance of strengthening my earth element to feel more safe and able to live through my heart, not my mind. Anxiety and fear had always caused me to block out the body and heart and go straight to the mind. Everything resonated and immediately taught me where I was not in alignment.

      Enkelada, XK Online Course

        Frequently Asked Questions

        You will have lifetime access to this course. These tools and practices are ever growing and evolving with your consciousness. We encourage you to follow your inner guidance, and to move at your own pace.

        We recommend giving yourself ample time to take in the course material and to integrate the practices into your daily life in a way that is sustainable for you. It is in the commitment and consistency that lasting transformation lies.

        Immediately! When you begin this work, you will start to see shifts in your:

        - mindset and perceptions

        - relationship with yourself

        - relationships with others

        - physical and energy bodies

        - behavior and responses

        How will mastering my energy help me feel better?


        Everything is made of energy. The energy that animates our physiology is responsible for the functioning of every organ, cell and system in our body. When optimized, this energy is fluid and flowing; when compromised, this energy gets blocked and stuck. Trapped emotions, unresolved traumas and negative beliefs create energy blockages which disrupt the flow, leading to disease, distortions and discontent. Releasing emotional blocks, traumas and limiting beliefs is the key to clearing stagnant energy, thus allowing us to live life to its fullest potential.


        Mastering our own energy is the most effective way to heal, replenish and transform ourselves. Traditional coping mechanisms may help temporarily, but unless we address the source of the issue – the energy – the symptoms will always come back. A new faucet installed over rusty pipes won’t fix the leak beneath the sink. The same goes for the human being. So, as long as we’re putting effort into our healing, why not dig deeper, and address the root of the issue? 

        The LoveAll 5D team is here to support you on your journey with this life-changing work. When you purchase the MYEMYL program, you will receive access to our private Facebook group where you will receive feedback and guidance from us, as well as from your fellow course participants.


        If you are wanting more focused, one-on-one support, consider upgrading to the Quantum Shift package, which includes direct access to Mikko and Biji through private sessions.

        No problem! Our program is offered online, making it available to anyone and everyone, no matter your location, time zone or hemisphere. All live sessions and weekly coaching calls are virtual. 

        Final Thoughts from Mikko & Biji

        Activate and accelerate sustainable transformation in every area of your life