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We require all incoming retreat guests to have engaged in private session work prior to being accepted into this container. Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you wish to explore how you can qualify for this experience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I feel WHOLE. this is real, unconditional, pure love. For anyone considering this work… Trust the process, listen to your heart, and you know, take the leap. The only direction is your higher timeline. “I knew there was a block but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and why. I feel like a huge block was removed from my Soul, from my core."

Melissa, KS Retreat Experience

I’ve learned how much I’ve held onto all these years and how it affects my body, and how it manifests into physical pain. It was so amazing to release, I didn’t even know I could experience so many feelings like that. Miracles happened, shifts happened. I felt so much. In the normal world we close ourselves off so much, we forget to feel.

Inas, FL Retreat Experience

I went through every gambit of emotion: abandonment, fear, low self-worth... You have to go deep inside in order to feel that pain in order to not get over it, but, transcend it. When I walked through the door, it was this immediate sense of relaxation and peace. Like you just crossed the threshold of something that’s resonating at a higher level, higher energy. Avaala to me is really the true 5D experience. The experience to know what it’s like, to feel that beautiful love and light and heaven on Earth while we’re still here on the Earth plane.

Elissa, CA Retreat Experience

My experience with Mikko and Biji… Oh gosh, it’s just… there are no words. They are beyond what I could have even imagined and I haven’t even experienced their true higher frequencies yet. They are so wise - wise to the point where you get a glimpse of what there is, and you don’t realize it until you’re around that consciousness to see… this is what’s out there. Until I’ve actually seen them doing the work and feeling the energy, only then it was like “Aaah, that’s what it’s meant to be, a higher being…” It’s a lesson in itself. This is true Heaven on Earth.

Vania, CO Retreat Experience

Everyone needs to experience this because this is real, unconditional, pure love... unlike any other. It's more than what the human body can comprehend. Thank you is not enough but thank you for everything, for watching, and protecting me, and bringing me here to experience this. The love is unlike any other. It makes me feel light. It makes me feel happy. It makes me feel like anything is possible because I can create it. It’s going to take me a while to digest and fully accept this huge gift.

Soon Ja, CA Retreat Experience

I’ve always tried to do this work on my own… and I have done a lot of work on my own. But this process makes it so much easier, really helps it flow. You really do lifetimes of work with LoveAll 5D. I’m forever grateful for Mikko and Biji and I really want everyone to experience this. Please check out LoveAll 5D… they’ve helped me heal so much and I know they can do the same for you.

Desirae, CA Retreat Experience

I knew there was a BLOCK but couldn't figure out where it was coming from and why... I feel like a HUGE block has been RELEASED from my SOUL. [The NEF Retreat] has really revealed why, how to remove it, and how to move FORWARD. Trust the process, listen to your heart, and TAKE THE LEAP. The only direction is your higher timeline.

Melissa, KS Retreat Experience

I started this journey almost going into a size 16 pants and not feeling like this was ever my container, it didn’t feel like home, it didn’t feel like me. All of the energy work I have done, I have been able to just start shedding the weight and the dense energy off my body and I am now in size 10 pants. I plan on keeping on transforming and I know I’m finally going to see me for the first time in this transformation of who I really see and who I really feel I am.

Coralee, CA Retreat Experience

This retreat… is priceless. The cost would have been me sacrificing myself to not get here. My experience with Mikko and Biji… [is] beyond what I could have even imagined. Experiencing Avaala, the New Earth Frequency… I don’t want to leave! This is true Heaven on Earth. I now know how to go back to my ‘human’ life and remember and hold space like this and remember what it’s like to be here.

Vania, CO Retreat Experience

I was literally stuck, frozen in time, and not able to move forward. I knew there was a block but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and why. Now, I feel like a big block was removed from my soul, from my core. This experience has really revealed how to move forward.

Melissa, KS Retreat Experience

There are a lot of people who don’t know these tools exist. So they’re struggling, as they always think about it from the mind and they don’t connect it to the heart and they don’t connect it to something bigger than themselves. I kinda feel like I’m at the cusp of really having that final shift, that tipping point. Avaala has that ability to help you get there.

Elissa, CA Retreat Experience
    Martika took a heart leap and completely shifted her reality.

    ”If you’re feeling the call to level up in your life, now is the time!” -Martika

    You Don't Have to Do This Alone

    We’re here to support you with the tools and guidance you need to dive
    deeper into your healing work within a conscious community.
    Vania’s life completely changed after she attended one retreat

    ”This is priceless…There is no cost to this.” -Vania

    Are You Creating With Your Heart Frequency?

    The New Earth Frequency In-Person Retreat is your first step in
    changing your life for the better, FOREVER!

    In 4 days you can:

    Retreat Experience


    Experience The Zero Point Quantum Field

    Within Mikko and Biji’s zero-point quantum field of pure consciousness, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment. Your heart will be activated to the Heaven on Earth, pure love Source frequency of “no mind”.

    Within our sacred space, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment so that you can move through years and even lifetimes of trauma and conditioning.

    Do you see yourself here?

    The connection was immediate

    As soon as I sat down and said I’m ready, my eyes began to flicker. That connection was immediate. Now I have not had that with healers and shamans that I’ve worked with globally… WOW. I felt the energy move through my body. It was visceral. I could feel it. I could see it.” 

    – Ashvinder, UK 

    Retreat Inclusions

    Here is what you will receive:

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    LoveAll 5D's Retreats

    Experience of deep inner Soul work and life-changing transformation retreats.

    The New Earth Frequency retreats are creatively and custom-designed to bring you guidance on clearing emotional blockages so you can process and feel your real emotions of pure love. We show you how to raise your vibrations on a quantum level so you can start aligning to your highest timeline. You are able to finally release the mental and emotional patterns that are holding you back from truly living.


    This is an undeniable calling of the heart. You will experience massive transformation. 
    Your Soul will light up. And every cell of your body will resonate.

    Your Facilitators


    Frequency Master & Founder

    “When we know who we truly are, everything is possible.” – Biji


    Biji is an energy alchemist, seer, healer and New Earth visionary. She hails from an ancient lineage of Buddhist shamans and ascended masters whose wisdom, teachings and talents inform her own healing prowess…


    Frequency Master & Founder

    “The best moments in my life are when I get to be the catalyst for breakthroughs and transformations.” – Mikko


    Mikko is a deeply intuitive healer and energy alchemist. His Italian lineage links him back to the monastic community of Monte Titano in San Marino from which he brings the spirit of balance, stability and freedom into his powerful healing work….

    Community Experience