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What You Need to Know Right Now

Everything you are going through…
Everything your loved ones are going through…
Everything the planet is going through... is for your benefit.

Right now, we are witnessing and experiencing the collective detachment from the old ways of being and doing. What is coming up for you? In what ways are you hanging onto the old, while at the same time, frustrated that all your dreams have not yet come true?

What you have to know right now is simple: you are a Divine Soul Being incarnated in this time of the greatest conscious awakening into the New Earth. It is within your Soul blueprint to live out your highest timeline. Everything you are going through right now is creating the infrastructure for your new life. Every realization, every determination, every pain and cause of suffering you feel are the very ingredients that create your own solution and your own alchemy. It is your precious output from your deep, inner process that will land you within your dream life.

It is easy to get bombarded with external noise. It takes no effort to get internally weighed down with anxiety, dread, helplessness and worry. You don’t need more noise, information or knowledge. What you need is to feel the inner peace and quiet that comes from relaxing your energy bodies. Allow your Soul to figure it out for you. Know that Source has this. Know that you are being safely carried to the other side.

Help your Soul out by not thrashing about during the passage. Being amicable, friendly, relaxed, chill, flexible – these qualities will help you enjoy the journey to your dream destination. If you’re already on your private plane flying towards your dream life, would you rather be having a nervous breakdown or relaxing and celebrating?

Your vibrational state magnetizes the material experiences that you’re most heart aligned with. Even if your ego chooses the nervous breakdown option, your higher self will always choose to relax and celebrate. Here, in the New Earth reality where the frequency is everything, which do you choose to experience right now in this moment?

Love you, Love All 


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