Our Mission

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It is our mission to provide you with the space, tools, and instruction needed to create the life you want with unconditional loving support.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the old system is dying. A New Earth is taking its place. While the vast majority of the collective has been asleep to this epic and unprecedented transition, LoveAll 5D has been steadfastly preparing for the past 15 years.
To live in harmony on the New Earth, we must be energetically and spiritually aligned. We, at LoveAll 5D, have curated a conscious path of healing, transformation and energetic alignment for every awakening being on the planet. We provide the tools, the tribe, and the system for those on the ascension path to live in complete Soul Freedom, while aligning with their Soul Purpose and accessing all the magic and miracles the Universe and their authentic Soul Path have to offer.
Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Avaala: Pure, Conscious Love Energy
Our secret sauce here at LoveAll 5D is Avaala. Avaala is what is fueling this global consciousness shift. 
Avaala is not a philosophy, ideology, religion or political platform. Avaala is the frequency of conscious love, infinite abundance and complete Soul Freedom. 
Avaala is the bridge to self-mastery.
It is our Soul Mission to share the experience of Avaala through media, technology and community. It is through our own embodiment of Avaala that we humbly serve the ascension of humanity and mother Gaia.
It is conscious love in action that creates the true Heaven on Earth experience for all of existence.

Meet Our Frequency Masters


Frequency Master & Founder

“When we know who we truly are, everything is possible.” – Biji

Your Soul has aligned you to receive the clearest reflection of your most authentic self in the presence of frequency master, Biji. The experience of your Divine presence and understanding of the existence of all possibilities allows you conscious power over your limitations and blocks. Those who are aligned to working with her are missioned Souls, willing to do the most difficult work to overcome their human ego stories and master their own mind, frequency, and reality…

Thousands from all over the world have experienced instantaneous transformations through Biji’s Zero Point Quantum Field frequency and Shamanic healings. 

Biji comes from an ancient Buddhist shamanic lineage dating directly back to the first follower of Confuscious. She has become a Siddhi master shaman, and holds the Source – God – Zero Point frequency through the achievement of an ancient, rigorous daily spiritual practice that guarantees enlightenment, called the Brahmamurhurta Sadhana. This mastery permits her to perform “frequency surgery” on all layers of your energy bodies, to create the experience of complete Soul fulfillment for you, with your Self as the conscious creator of your own reality.  

Biji blends her shamanic, frequency medicine with proven, cutting-edge modalities, which include but are not limited to NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Core Energetics, Tantra Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique, TAT: Tapas Acupressure Technique, TRE: Trauma Release Therapy, past-life regression, Soul Retrieval, light language, somatic sound therapy, quantum timeline regeneration, Yoga Nidra, kundalini yoga, and 5D New Earth codex.

Biij’s healing methods are dynamic, creative, unique, and customized to your exact frequency needs. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairesentient, and claircognizant. She is able to perceive all of your blocks on every energy body level, as far back as the inception of your blueprint coding, and can help you experience Avaala, pure Love energy of the New Earth, heart-activating relationships, sacred abundance, and Soul freedom, to enjoy all life has to offer.

When working with Biji, your commitment and willingness is all you need to quantum leap into your highest timeline reality on the New Earth.


Frequency Alchemist & Founder

“The best moments in my life are when I get to be the catalyst for breakthroughs and transformations.” – Mikko


Mikko is a deeply intuitive healer and energy alchemist. His Italian lineage links him back to the monastic community of Monte Titano in San Marino from which he brings the spirit of balance, stability and freedom into his powerful healing work….

The Magic of Mikko & Biji's 0-Point Frequency Medicine

Mikko & Biji are initiated Siddhi Shamans.
Their unique and rare magic comes from their Zero Point frequency.

They have achieved Spiritual mastery through their many years of daily disciplined practice called the Brahma Muhurta Sadhana.

Biji has 10+ years (3,700 consecutive days) of this  daily enlightenment practice, she is an initiated Prakamya Siddhi Shaman which means she is able to share Divine truth that will lead you to self-realization and enlightenment.” Biji is Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, and Clairaudient.

Mikko’s lifetime of consistent energy training includes 15+ years of Kundalini Yoga technology and 20+ years of spiritual mastery through fasting. He is Clairsentient and Claircognizant as a Frequency Alchemist.

Mikko & Biji live a conscious lifestyle in Sacred Union with their two beautiful teenagers in Costa Rica. 

They are the founders of LoveAll 5D and “Avaala” the New Earth frequency of Conscious Love, Sacred Abundance, and complete Soul Freedom. 

They use frequency training, both ancient and cutting-edge quantum healing modalities as well as shamanic medicine to help their clients with embodiment work.

They have successfully created a 5D heart-based business transforming the lives of thousands of lightworkers, healers, coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs across the planet.

LoveAll 5D offers New Earth media, entertainment, courses, retreats and digital products that are all activated with Avaala, pure love energy.

The LoveAll Team

Sacora LoveAll 5D


Avaala Certified Healer | Community Manager

Cora discovered Biji on Instagram through her magnetizing heart energy. She felt Biji was speaking directly to her soul. Cora was a successful entrepreneur and hairstylist in the California Bay Area…

Sacora enjoyed connecting and hearing other people’s stories, but felt like there was a huge piece missing in her life. She was constantly having an internal battle of self love and self worth. When she learned about session and immersion work with Mikko and Biji she knew she’d found her path.


Now, Cora is finally living. She’s shed over 70 pounds (and counting!) and has completely transformed her physical and emotional health. Since doing her healing work, she has discovered how to shift the energy within the moment and hold space for others on their own journeys. She is honored to be part of LoveAll 5D and looks forward to the continued journey of love and self-mastery.


Media | Design | Systems

Although Ravi had been a successful entrepreneur, owned multiple businesses and spent 15 years traveling throughout Europe, he was constantly seeking external sources of happiness and falling short time and time again…

Once he felt the calling to dive into pure love energy, he decided to let go and dedicate everything to his healing journey.


Energy healing with LoveAll 5D has brought him back to his heart where he’s discovered a true connection to himself. Since then, he has lost over 80 pounds, eradicated his addictions to eating, drinking and smoking, and has healed the most traumatized parts of his past.


Now, Ravi serves as Creative Director by bringing his love and pure heart to LoveAll 5D’s digital masterpieces. Beyond that, he is here to be a part of this journey to worldwide healing.

Amanita's Bio Cover


Coordinating Producer | Social Media Assistant

Amanita’s current role in the LoveAll 5D team is “Coordinating Producer,” which allows her the freedom to create from her heart space for the team, the community, and herself…

She has been focusing on opening and expanding her Heart through her apprenticeship and frequency training with Mikko and Biji.

When she attended her first retreat and felt the frequency of the zero point field she knew it was home and she had aligned to her soul path. She is doing this work so that she may share the experience of Avaala – conscious love, sacred abundance, and complete soul freedom – with as many people on the planet as possible.

Amanita is deeply grateful for the LoveAll team welcoming her with open arms and open hearts. She never knew love like this existe

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