Our Mission

It is our mission to providing you with the space, tools, and instruction needed to create the life you want with unconditional loving support.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the old system is dying. A New Earth is taking its place. While the vast majority of the collective has been asleep to this epic and unprecedented transition, LoveAll 5D has been steadfastly preparing for the past 15 years.

To live in harmony on New Earth, we must be energetically and spiritually aligned. We, at LoveAll 5D, have curated a conscious path of healing, transformation and energetic alignment for every awakening being on the planet. We provide the tools, the tribe, and the system for those on the ascension path to live in complete Soul Freedom, while aligning with their Soul Purpose and accessing all the magic and miracles the Universe and their authentic Soul Path have to offer.
Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Avaala: Pure, Conscious Love Energy
Our secret sauce here at LoveAll 5D is Avaala. Avaala is what is fueling this global consciousness shift. 
Avaala is not a philosophy, ideology, religion or political platform. Avaala is the energy of conscious love, infinite abundance and complete Soul Freedom. Avaala is the bridge to self-mastery.

It is our Soul Mission to share the experience of Avaala through media, technology and community. It is through our own embodiment of Avaala that we humbly serve the ascension of humanity and mother Gaia.

It is conscious love in action that creates the true Heaven on Earth experience for all of existence.

The LoveAll Team


Frequency Master & Founder

“When we know who we truly are, everything is possible.” – Biji


Biji is an energy alchemist, seer, healer and New Earth visionary. She hails from an ancient lineage of Buddhist shamans and ascended masters whose wisdom, teachings and talents inform her own healing prowess…


Frequency Master & Founder

“The best moments in my life are when I get to be the catalyst for breakthroughs and transformations.” – Mikko


Mikko is a deeply intuitive healer and energy alchemist. His Italian lineage links him back to the monastic community of Monte Titano in San Marino from which he brings the spirit of balance, stability and freedom into his powerful healing work….

Experience The Zero Point Quantum Field

Within Mikko and Biji’s zero-point quantum field of pure consciousness, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment. Your heart will be activated to the Heaven on Earth, pure love Source frequency of “no mind”.

Within our sacred space, you’ll experience this state of divine neutrality and non-judgment so that you can move through years and even lifetimes of trauma and conditioning.


Customer Relations | Retreats

Cora discovered Biji on Instagram through her magnetizing heart energy. She felt Biji was speaking directly to her soul. Cora was a successful entrepreneur and hairstylist in the California Bay Area…

Sacora enjoyed connecting and hearing other people’s stories, but felt like there was a huge piece missing in her life. She was constantly having an internal battle of self love and self worth. When she learned about session and immersion work with Mikko and Biji she knew she’d found her path.


Now, Cora is finally living. She’s shed over 70 pounds (and counting!) and has completely transformed her physical and emotional health. Since doing her healing work, she has discovered how to shift the energy within the moment and hold space for others on their own journeys. She is honored to be part of LoveAll 5D and looks forward to the continued journey of love and self-mastery.

Christina ''CC''

Systems | Retreats

When Christina met Biji and the LoveAll family on 1/1/2020, she was living in Seattle as a business strategy consultant for Microsoft – unhappy, unhealthy, and searching for meaning…

CC had spent eight years in the finance industry, explored corporate America, even traveled overseas to serve in the U.S. Peace Corps… nothing seemed to satisfy the inner voice calling her to her life’s vocation.


Now, Christina is finally on her path of soul fulfillment. She serves LoveAll 5D in the areas of business development, process optimization, and general operations. More importantly, she’s diving deep into her soul work, confronting her shadow side, and eradicating the sides of herself that no longer serve her. It’s not always pretty, but it’s authentically Christina.


Social Media

As a young adult starting her path, Kenzi was halfway through college in New York when she began to listen to that inner voice telling her there was something more…

After years of indecisiveness and complacency, she decided to take a heart leap to discover the life she truly felt inspired to live. Kenzi found LoveAll 5D on Instagram, and dove deep into her healing work with Mikko and Biji. One year later, she took another heart leap and moved from New York to California to continue her work in person. Soon after, Kenzi aligned to becoming a full time apprentice with LoveAll 5D.


Now, Kenzi serves the pure Love mission by leading social media initiatives, creating digital content, and connecting with the LoveAll community. She is honored to create content that shares the magic of 5D frequency on the New Earth.


Media | Design

Although Ravi had been a successful entrepreneur, owned multiple businesses and spent 15 years traveling throughout Europe, he was constantly seeking external sources of happiness and falling short time and time again…

Once he felt the calling to dive into pure love energy, he decided to let go and dedicate everything to his healing journey.


Energy healing with LoveAll 5D has brought him back to his heart where he’s discovered a true connection to himself. Since then, he has lost over 80 pounds, eradicated his addictions to eating, drinking and smoking, and has healed the most traumatized parts of his past.


Now, Ravi serves as Creative Director by bringing his love and pure heart to LoveAll 5D’s digital masterpieces. Beyond that, he is here to be a part of this journey to worldwide healing.

Community Experience

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