Awakening Session w/ Sacora | It’s Time To Feel Your Heart In Divinity!


Sacora is a Avaala Certified healer with LoveAll 5D and has been training under Mikko and Biji for three years. She is a highly gifted, intuitive healer who can guide you through the releasing of your old stories and limiting beliefs so that you may live from your heart and Soul purpose. It’s time to feel your heart in Divinity!

Session Duration: 1.5 hour
Method: Zoom

Session Packages Available & Encouraged

Purchase two or more sessions and also receive a personalized frequency prescription tailor created by Sacora for your session journey complete with personalized guidance, soul homework and integration recommendations. You’ll receive 24/7 telegram or WhatsApp support from the time you purchase your session package until the date of your final session.



Medical Disclaimer
We are not doctors, counselors, or psychologists. All guidance and healing is spiritual in nature. If you have a physical or mental health concern, please seek out a professional. You are a divine, sovereign being. Follow your own inner guidance. Love, wisdom and power.

Conscious Refund Policy
All sales are final. At LoveAll 5D, the healing process starts as soon as the client expresses the intention to receive. When a client purchases a service, session, retreat, etc., an energetic exchange occurs, and the energy starts moving immediately. For these reasons, we consciously enforce a no-refunds policy, because the work starts long before the actual “start-time” of service.

By purchasing our services, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions set forth above.