Communicate Like A Guru Bundle


Are You Ready to Communicate Like A Guru?

Communicate Like A Guru

Communicate like a guru using a step-by-step pocket guide that will transform you into a conscious communicator. Experience what it feels like to heart-connect rather than mind-connect by following these five simple steps to elevate your heart frequency. Print this guide and keep it close so that you are prepared for any social interaction.

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

How to prepare for any conversation in five simple steps.

Tools to create meaning and intention within your relationships…

Why you should be authentic in every interaction…

How to center yourself in presence and neutrality before any interaction.

And more!


Communicate Like A Guru

Communicate like a guru

Pocket Guide to Conscious Connection

Download your five-step guide to becoming a conscious communicator. Learn the importance of presence, authenticity, and neutrality within every interaction. It Includes a pocket guide to print out for quick reference so that you’re always prepared ($33 Value)


911 Activation Meditation

911 Heart Centering Activation

Listen to this audio activation before any social interaction to release fear and anxiety and drop into your heart.

This activation contains high-frequencies that will help you get out of your head and into your heart. You’ll be guided through a journey to release the mind matrix and feel how life is truly supposed to be experienced, from your heart center.  ($22 Value)


Activated Meditation

Activate your Authentic Heart Audio

This guided activation will prepare you to consciously connect heart-to-heart. You will learn to let go of the mental chatter as you drop into your presence. Are you ready to transform your life by expressing your authentic truth? Are you ready to truly give and receive love? ($22 Value)



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