Integration Package


Limited Time Offer!

The Experience

This exclusive experience is designed for those calling in transformation, clarity, and integration during this unprecedented energetic time. The experience starts with a virtual workshop available only to those who have purchased this package. In this intimate group experience, you will elevate your frequency, connect with those who are experiencing this deep change and transformation and have the opportunity to check in with Mikko and Biji to your next steps within this integration container. You’ll then process your workshop experience on your exclusive Telegram thread as you prepare to receive from Mikko and Biji in a private integration session in the following week/weeks. Finally, you will complete your experience with an integration session with Mikko and Biji in which you will bring awareness to your blocked energy, raise your frequency, and receive the guidance and clarity you need for the next steps in your life.

Package Includes:
  • Exclusive Small Group Workshop: September, specific date TBD
  • Integration Session with Mikko & Biji
  • 24/7 Telegram Support from LoveAll 5D, from the workshop through the end of September
  • Modalities Such as: Breathwork, Frequency Yoga, Ecstatic Dance. Simulation Work, Trauma Release Therapy, Core Energetics, Light Language and Sonic Healing and more

Why Do We Need to Integrate?

We are living at a time where information is coming to us at warp speed from all different directions. It can feel like up is down, left is right and you don’t know if you are coming or going.
Moving through these big portals of energy (like the 8/8 Lion’s Gate) can shine a light on the parts of ourselves that we aren’t aware of or that we’re just too uncomfortable to confront. After these accelerated waves of energy electrify the Earth and all of us, integration is the step you cannot skip.

Integration is a way of calling yourself back when you feel like you are feeling out of balance. True health comes from this balance and the harmony of the mind, body, and soul working together. The harmony that these three create together create lasting joy, health, and peace.

This is why integration is necessary, especially when you have new information but don’t know what to do with it or where to put it. Your head knows it. Your heart desires the feeling of it. Your gut wants to digest it so that new codes can become a part of part of your embodiment. Allow this process with the Integration Package from LoveAll 5D, a limited time offering for those ready to integrate and embody their highest timeline!

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Media Disclaimer
All LoveAll 5D virtual events are recorded via Zoom and are often used on our website and social media. All video recording, audio and photography will be used for commercial and promotional purposes only. We do not store media outside of our promotional and commercial material. We will always honor the desire of the client.

Please let us know if you’re uncomfortable with any photography or videography. Your participation in the workshop is optional, and while we encourage your engagement, you are always welcome to leave your camera off to simply receive. We respect your privacy, and we appreciate open and honest communication.

Medical Disclaimer
We are not doctors, counselors, or psychologists. All guidance and healing is spiritual in nature. If you have a physical or mental health concern, please seek out a professional. You are a divine, sovereign being. Follow your own inner guidance. Love, wisdom and power.

Conscious Refund Policy
All sales are final. At LoveAll 5D, the healing process starts as soon as the client expresses the intention to receive. When a client purchases a service, session, retreat, etc., an energetic exchange occurs, and the energy starts moving immediately. For these reasons, we consciously enforce a no-refunds policy, because the work starts long before the actual “start-time” of service.

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