Light Language Activation w/ Biji | Quantum Light Sound Healing


Frequency Master Biji felt profoundly guided to open a conscious, activated, sacred space for your Soul to speak to you in the purest form of embodied communication.

Light Language
(Quantum Light Sound Healing)

In this meditation, Biji takes your energy body to the zero point field where you are able to receive your Soul’s guidance.

Within this activation, you will receive the embodied message and feel the energy and intention of its undeniable experience of ultimate Soul truth.

“You are conscious energy; you are an infinite Being of Light. Light activation is one of the most effective ways to bypass the human dual mind. Those who have had near death experiences all share similar transformations, coming back to life after being in heavenly presence. This activation is your opportunity to experience unconditional pure conscious love energy and transcend.” ~ Biji


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