Magnetizing Conscious Love | New Earth Frequency Guided Meditation


Open your heart and release the blocks that prevent you from experiencing conscious love not only with others but within yourself. Experience what it feels like to be more intentioned, compassionate, open-hearted, and deeply connected in all areas of your life. Are you awakening and ready to heart align to conscious love on the New Earth? Are you calling in a Divine connection, not just a human love story? In this activation, Biji will guide you through tuning in to your high heart and the mother Gaia in order to magnetize and energetically align to your divine cosmic partner in this powerful activation.

Join our “Activate” tier on Patreon to receive these activations (released monthly) as part of the New Earth Frequency Activation series. With each NEF Activation you will begin to effortlessly and easily awaken to your own conscious presence, your own connection to your heart center, your own connection to Avaala (Source Love).


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