Sacred Feminine Initiation Mini Course | Activate Your Sacred Feminine Codes


Sacred Feminines across the planet are rising in love, and this is how they’re doing it! We challenge you to join the initiation and activate your Sacred Feminine Archetypes in the Sacred Feminine Initiation mini-course.

Enter the Zero Point Field of all possibilities and begin the absolutely necessary work of clearing your energetic densities which keep you from feeling, being, and creating magic and miracles of the New Earth. The time of struggle and pain is over if you choose to let it go.

This self-guided mini-course comes from our hugely successful 7 Day Sacred Feminine Initiation Challenge. You’ll be guided by Frequency Master Biji to release your feminine damage as she activates each of your Sacred Feminine archetypes and elevates your energy to that of the Goddess!

What You’ll Receive:

  • Challenge workbook
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook community of powerful Sacred Feminine Initiates
  • Sacred Feminine Resource Guide
  • 10+ hours of challenge livestream footage:
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Primal Archetype
    • Lover Archetype
    • Mother Archetype
    • Mystic Archetype
    • Goddess Archetype
    • Closing Initiation

The guide to creating with your Sacred Feminine frequency on the New Earth.
Use this resource guide to activate your Sacred Feminine frequency, clear your damaged feminine energies, and get to the root of what is unconsciously creating in your life.

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