The universe is abundant in all things. Anything your Soul is asking for is already here for you to receive. But you can only access this magic when you are in flow with the cosmic energy of the Divine Masculine. This is a container that will help you to truly surrender and Receive all possibilities, magic and miracles of your highest New Earth timeline.

Stop Resisting,

Start Receiving

This Mastermind will encode you with the highest frequencies of the Sacred Feminine. All energy comes from Source, the frequency of pure Love energy. To align to this high-frequency energy and reconnect with source vibration, you must train your feminine energy body to rise in unconditional love, release resistance, and open up to Receive all possibilities.

Activate Your Sacred Feminine

If you answered YES, then it’s time to activate your Sacred Feminine and Receive true abundance from the Divine Masculine.

Are You Ready to Receive From The Divine Masculine?

The Receive Mastermind is for…

Feminine powerhouses who are ready for the next level of abundance, connection, and materialization on every level.
Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Yes, this is me but why do I need to RECEIVE?
Signs Your Damaged Feminine Energy Is What’s Getting In Your Way

Do you feel repeated patterns or blocks in your life that you can’t seem to break out of?
These are karmic cycles.

Do you experience control issues, stress, lack of results & withholding?
This is your dominating masculine energy.

Do you consistently show up differently with masculine energy (mother, caretaker, sex kitten)?
This is not your authentic self.

Do you hesitate to express your truth and play?
This is your wounded inner child.

How is RECEIVING the Golden Key for Everything I Want in My Life?

When the qualities of both the masculine and feminine are in balance within you, you will magnetize all that you desire to you without lifting a finger.

Are you practicing that level of trust?

In order to be in relationships in which you are both authentic, both present.. where you don’t play Mommy, boss, victim, sleuth… you must do the deep inner work.


It’s not about changing yourself, it’s about coming home to your most authentic, most raw, most Sacred, feminine self.


It’s time to discover your feminine essence through inner mastery.

It’s time to RECEIVE.

In This Mastermind You Will...

Dissolve the claws of your inner saboteur, connect to no-thingness, and recalibrate your baseline frequency.

Come into your Goddess power – unified with Source.

Dissolve your inner pains of damaged feminine energy and stop playing being the victim of life once and for all.

Learn to create your reality with deep awareness and consciousness.

Illuminate your heart connection within the Zero-point field of collective consciousness and divine neutrality.

Ignite your Shakti energy, the feminine source of creative power.

...So, you're telling me that I haven't tapped into my true creative power? My Shakti?
Yes, When Your Sacred Shakti is Blocked and Traumatized You May Experience...
Communicate Like A Guru

When your sacred Shakti is healthy and flowing…

You are magnetic
and able to attract everything you want into physical reality, including your divine masculine partner. are in a state of trust and surrender as you allow yourself to feel safe and held by your internal and external divine masculine.


… you are finally out of mommy mode, boss mode, caretaker mode and flowing in your Divine essence. 

This IS possible.

Feel this frequency, right here, right now. Take a moment to step out of your mind and into your heart…

Take a Moment to FEEL Your Connection to the Divine Masculine
Couple traveling

Words are no longer needed…heart connection is enough to feel everything that one another experiences.

This heart connection is so powerful that when ignited, your bodies light up with excitement, compassion, joy and gratitude.


You fulfill parts of one another in ways you didn’t think were possible.



You can finally relax because you are forever connected with a soul that is here to be with only you in every way possible.


You are held in Divine Masculine strength.

Your Beloved is your number one superfan.

He is ready to support and champion you onto your highest timeline.


You don’t need to play any role in his life besides that of the Sacred feminine.

He knows exactly what you need before you even do.

He finds everything that you once found annoying about yourself, the things that make you perfect.


He is divinely present in all moments, providing warmth, comfort, safety and strength.

Couple honeymoon



Your connection is so solid, it gives you both permission to rise up into the best, most authentic versions of Self.

Your love lives beyond the human story of drama and heartache.

Your love rises over time, never falls. This is an enduring, lasting love in Soul remembrance…
Beyond space and time.

“It’s not about changing yourself, it’s about coming home to your most authentic, sacred feminine self. It’s time to activate your outer mystery through inner mastery.” -Biji

Meet Your Quantum Frequency Expert

“Once I was able to have a healthy flowing relationship with my inner masculine, every external relationship I had with the outer masculine flowed. Money flowed, Conscious love flowed, my life flowed.

I was finally ready to frequency receive.”
~ Biji | Quantum Frequency Expert

Quantum healing with Biji
Biji | Quantum Frequency Expert

Biji comes from an ancient Buddhist shamanic lineage dating directly back to Confuscious.

She was able to master her energy through the Bhramamurta Sadhana, a rigorous Spiritual practice of enlightenment.

Through this practice, Biji has been initiated as a Siddhi.


“Siddhi is the term given for a spiritual or seemingly magical power or capability, which is obtained through rigorous and accomplished spiritual practices. 

The Sanskrit word means ‘perfection,’ ‘accomplishment’ or ‘success’ in English. It refers to the fact that Siddhis are the fruit of the perfect achievement.” – Yogapedia

As a Siddhi, Biji has attained the energetic mastery of this spiritual Sadhana practice.

Through over 3,700 consecutive days (10+ years) of this daily practice, she holds the powers of the Prakamya Siddhi which gives her “the ability to open up for the truth that leads to self-realization and enlightenment for others.”


Biji’s spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (perceiving things or events in the future),

(the ability to perceive by hearing),

 (the ability to perceive through feeling),

and claircognizance (the ability to perceive by knowing)

will all be revealed to you through your experience as she clears your damaged feminine timelines and lower density limitations of fear and conditioning.

Working with her is multi-dimensional, across all space and time.

It is a dynamic, creative, enlightening, and instantaneously transformative experience of the Soul.

Biji is here to humbly serve the ascension as a New Earth visionary, anchoring in the 12th Dimensional Crystalline frequency of Christ Consciousness and Avaala,

Pure Love frequency on the planet.

Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol

“This is a multidimensional experience, It’s really its own portal.” –Martika

“It is a multidimensional experience. It really is it’s own portal. The Zero point field collapses everything into what feels like a single point, which allowed me to feel more expansive because I can integrate all these different parts of myself.

It gives you whatever your higher self and Soul know that you need.

It’s like one moving, breathing, unit and everyone is experiencing the healing. It is this holistic, whole experience.

That is pretty unique; you don’t get this (Zero Point Frequency) in a lot of places.

We are at a point where the time is now, for pretty much everything. So if you are feeling it, the time is now. Don’t wait!”

“Aha moment working with Biji. . . The higher consciousness is available, it is here.” –Vania

Mikko & Biji are so wise. Wise to the point you get a glimpse of what is possible… and until I actually experienced them doing the work, and being around them and feeling the energy, then it was like Ahh that’s what it means to be a higher being.

You don’t realize it until you are around that consciousness. This is what’s out there, this is where we are meant to be.

Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol

This Receive Mastermind™ is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

This Mastermind was birthed within the Avaala™, Pure Conscious Quantum Field, allowing for the collapse of all lower-density timelines and clearing space for you to anchor in your highest timeline.


It’s an activation of your true DNA and cellular blueprint.

This quantum technology is accessible through Biji’s frequency mastery, where she is ever-connected to the Zero Point Quantum Field of collective consciousness.

The Sacred

Zero Point Field

The “How” Behind the Work

Your facilitator, Biji, holds this sacred frequency of the Zero Point Quantum Field.

Through her training, she energetically aligned to Sacred Union with her Divine Masculine counterpart, Mikko.

Mikko & Biji

Together, they burned karma, became clear reflections for one another, embodied conscious communication, and discovered what true unconditional love is.

Their self-realization allowed for the harmonization of their inner masculine and feminine energies.

Together, they are able to consistently hold the frequency of Divine Neutrality of the Zero Point Field. This quantum field is ever-present and lies at the heart of existence.

“The zero-point field is the new frontier of medicine. The Zero point field is a healing quantum technology, and it will be recognized as one of the greatest leaps in understanding of mankind as a whole.

-Teal Swan

Spiritual Teacher

How Does The Zero Point Field Give Me Immediate Results?

The Zero Point Field is a clear container. This means that any mask, illusion, fallacy, or block cannot exist in this frequency of God, Creator, Source, Universe.

Within it, you have a bird’s eye view into your life as the neutral, conscious observer and are able to move through years and even lifetimes of trauma and conditioning.

Your consciousness will become clear and crystallized so that you can no longer deny your own divinity, purpose, and worth.

Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Activate Your Sacred Feminine Codes with the Zero Point Field

Biji has been initiated into the Zero Point Quantum Field through her Siddhi Sadhana Mastery and her Divine, Sacred Union with Mikko.

This is why working with Biji to activate your Sacred Feminine is so powerful…

Not only has Biji aligned to and created sacred Union for herself, she has elevated that union to hold the frequency of Divine neutrality to heal others.

This Zero Point Quantum Field is the how; Biji holds this powerful frequency and works within it to provide core cellular and DNA regeneration for you to eradicate your feminine damage on a quantum level and call in your Divine partner.

Mikko & Biji

A Sacred Union is not like the same old relationships we see in our world today. Sacred Union is not built on fantasy, trauma conditioning, and projections. It’s built on pure, conscious love energy from Source.

Mikko & Biji

What You Will





VALUE: $11,110

As Biji no longer works with clients one-on-one outside of signature containers, this is your only opportunity to experience Biji’s magic in a private session.

In these private sessions, you’ll raise your frequency through guided modalities such as EMDR, trauma release, core energetics, tapas acupressure, breathwork, Kundalini, and Tantric yoga, as well as a diverse array of shamanic energy practices.

You’ll Receive guidance to remember who you truly are and recognize that you came to this earth to experience pure conscious love energy (Avaala). This energy work begins even before the session does.



VALUE: $33,330

Here is where you will experience the intimate group work. You will experience the sacred zero-point frequency Biji holds as you Receive conscious energy around the module topics and soul guidance on what is keeping you stuck.

Give & Receive Telegram COMMUNITY



Accountability & Love. This community will be your 24/7 access to the LoveAll 5D facilitators and Biji.

Supplemental Resources


VALUE: $5,881

12 Weeks Of:

Access to the Receive Online, “Outer Mystery, Inner Mastery” containing videos, tutorials, kriyas, mantras, reflective assignments, sacred union writing prompts, integration homework, and more ($1,176)

Energy clearing and quantum frequency healing ($3,330)

Live and recorded heart frequency activations ($330)

Kundalini and quantum breathwork ($900)

Sadhana guide ($175)


Kundalini Group Bodywork


VALUE: $1,332

Kundalini kriyas and meditations that align to the following week’s work to cultivate inner experiences that form the foundation of inner mastery. You will be guided with inner awareness directives to cultivate an awakened state of consciousness during your practice.


VALUE: $1,332

Sacora has been working as an apprentice with Biji for 2 1/2 years. She has completed her certifications and holds space within the LoveAll community and team.

For those guided to receive extra support, Cora will provide intutive guidance, space for processing, frequency readings and channeled messages.


Divine Masculine Codes Masterclass


VALUE: $1,376

This is the opportunity to experience the zero-point field within sacred union frequency. This is where you will Receive your Divine Masculine New Earth Creator codes and experience the synergy of a sacred union. You’ll Receive conscious energy around how to maintain harmony and balance within your inner and outer relationships.

Total Value


Your Investment



This is a fraction of the amount of energy, money, time and expense that you would spend on self-care, therapy, alternative medicine, dating, coaching, etc., all for the sake of feeling more connected to your heart.

The financial flow that will materialize in your life through this deep quantum frequency will reset your karmic (unprocessed energy) cycle forever.

But you already know this because you are here, ready to RECEIVE.

This is an investment for yourself, for your lineage across space and time throughout your multi-dimensional existence.

Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
About Your Sacred 3 Month Container



During the Descension phase, you will dive deep within your frequency in order to identify the source of your power and problems.

Together, we will transmute the damaged feminine identity of victimhood, fantasy, projections, comparison, and compromise. You will bring to light the parts of yourself that are preventing you from stepping into your goddess birthright.

You will learn how to:

Discern between your masculine and feminine energies

Nurture your little girl within and make her care a priority

Identify and eradicate the need for external attention, validation, and love

Understand the cause and effect relationship between your inner and outer reality

Take 100% ownership and responsibility of your power and creations

Let go of preconceived ideas and attachments around the way things should be and humbly succumb the ego to the Soul

We will do this through:

Chakra clearing and healing, Inner child work, Mother wound healing, Trauma release therapy



As we move into ascension, you will activate your inner goddess and step into your new energetic coding. You will work directly with your body and energy to unlock your gifts and your zone of genius through the heart. You will begin to explore and flow with the frequency of the Divine Masculine.

You will learn how to:

Create self-satisfaction and personal power

Achieve mental balance through your neutral meditative mind

Learn to care and empower others without carrying burden energy

Feel emotionally safe, secure, and satisfied through internal connection

Flow with the divine masculine energy

We will do this through:

Light Language, Sound healing, Sacred tantric practices, Sensory awareness practice, Father wound healing, Divine Masculine activation, Partner work



The anchoring process will ground you into your new reality. You will be unshakable as you learn to deal with unexpected situations and destabilizing forces. You’ll know how to harness anger, fear and sadness, to awaken and embrace your hidden untapped powers. Express nobility and grace of the feminine as you transform into The Creator.

You will learn how to:

Attract and manifest abundance on all levels

Create a foundation of inner stability in order to let go of attachment and control

Know and become one with the primal creative universal power

Relax into the flow of the vibration of Source

Step into the wonderland of your inner universe, and explore the deep caves of your being without judgment

We will do this through:

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Strengthening the energetic field

Jessica's Testimonial_Loveall5d

Your life is going to change in a way that is nearly indescribable – Jessica

“I just got done with the most powerful session with Mikko and Biji from Loveall 5D. I don’t have enough words to express what I am feeling right now.

I have had major ”daddy” issues for a large majority of my life. And I am finally deciding to look at some things that I have been avoiding for a really long time. What shifted in me today, is so beautiful, so profound, Investing in you is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself.

Investing in who you are becoming. I wish I had started sooner, but I didn’t. But I am doing it now. Your life is going to change in a way that is nearly indescribable.”



I Received Soul Freedom Codes -Shaina

“It wasn’t until I had a session with Mikko and Biji that I truly came home. I came home to my heart and my soul aligned with my reality where I am overflowing with abundance – where I feel completely free to be me and just create effortlessly!

I came home to a place where I am celebrated and supported for exactly who I am! Words cannot describe how GRATEFUL I am. This is what it’s like to have complete soul freedom! This is what it’s like to experience pure source love! I remember now….. I’m home.”


I Received Soul Purpose Confirmation -Elizabeth

I know now that I’m on the right path. Being with Biji was like coming home. The energy she exudes is warm and welcoming and open. I just feel aligned again! Trusting the universe and myself and knowing that everything is happening in perfect time, and for the perfect purpose.

I’ve been to other healers, shamans, and energy workers in the past but nobody’s understood me at the depth that Biji did. I’m so grateful to have found LoveAll 5D and Biji.”


I Received Mother/Father Codes -Inas

I feel like a different person and I’m so excited for what’s next. Biji, you have brought me so much hope. Thank you a million.

This new understanding of life is such a precious gift. When you say magic and miracles, you weren’t joking.”

I Received Deeper Heart Connections in Relationships -Alex

“I am beyond blessed I get to do my energy work with Biji; it’s life-changing! My relationships have become purer with everyone in my life and the deep healing has allowed me to really grow every day. It’s an incredible experience, I’m beyond blessed to have LoveAll 5D and the support this community shows, 24/7! Thank you Biji for all you do!”


Qualifications For This Virtual Mastermind

Only apply if you’re on board with this deep inner alchemy.
You are invited to check in to your heart…

Are you a client who shows up powerfully when you invest?

Are you already able to get this sacred value?

Are you aligning to your highest timeline?

Do you feel your Soul fulfillment is truly inevitable?

*If investing at this level is going to send you into freak-out mode, now isn’t a good time.


If You Don’t Do This Work With Us…

That’s okay! We’re not for everyone. Regardless of how you do this work, just do the work!

Unless you shift your baseline frequency (not just your mindset), out of the unconscious parts of you that can’t receive or flow with the Divine Masculine energy, you will continue to manifest your external, physical reality by way of dissatisfaction, disappointment and ultimately, dis-ease. 

Until you change, things will continue to manifest in the same ways that make you feel unseen, unloved, unsafe, and insecure.
Your unconscious programing will keep playing out the dream fantasy, and you will continue to attract masculine energies that reflect the same damage that you have.

The who and how aside, we humbly invite you to do this deep inner work for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the planet. 



Mikko & Biji
More Client Shares

I Received Sacred Abundance Marie

”I have experienced an incredible surge of income, having the most profitable year my business has ever had with most of that income happening in the last month…

Opening myself up to more income means opening myself up to more people. I never realized my crippling fear of that. It explains so much about the push and pull and deep peaks and valleys of my income and business over the past 10 years.

I no longer feel this need to hoard income
, in fear of it never happening again. I see the potential in the years ahead, and in my own growth. I see my ability to create more work, instead of feverishly trying to create while I can, while I feel good, while I’m OK.

Relaxing into my work is going to radically change it, for the better. Letting big ideas calmly come means knowing that there will be time to make those ideas come to life. I have never felt that way before. I have always felt an urgency and a fear around my work, trying to get it all out of me as fast as I can.

My process has been wild, sometimes a little frantic or chaotic. I see in my own mind now the beautiful way that can merge with peace and steadiness. It’s very exciting to me. I’m so grateful for this session. These things I’ve been wrestling with for years and years have finally dissolved, I can move forward now and do the work I know I am meant to do and honestly just have more fun, smile more, spend less time trying to excavate the source of all of my bullshit.

It’s time for more joy and so much more gratitude. I now can cultivate the warm little home bubble I’ve always wanted both in my own body, and in my physical spaces and relationships.”

I released blocks around money, income, and abundance M. K.

This work is a bit hard to describe, but let me try. Though my session with Biji and Mikko only lasted a few hours, the effects of it have taken me several weeks to fully absorb and appreciate. And I suspect more will continue unfolding over time. I have, over the past 10+ years, worked in many different modalities on myself–talk therapy, Reiki, life coaching and business coaching, meditation and breathwork practices, the list goes on. I have felt blocks in certain areas of my life, specifically around money, income, and abundance as well as a general sense of not feeling at home in my own skin. And for the first time since my session, I just feel like that barrier finally came down.


Physical Effects of the Zero Point Field – Ashvinder

“When Biji got on the phone, WOW. I felt the energy move through my body. It was visceral. I could feel it. I could see it. We were in sync. Honestly there’s nothing like this pure love that this absolute angelic soul shares with you. I absolutely thank the universe for bringing this to my attention. I feel so blessed, so light, so full of love and gratitude and emotion.”


Now I know what it feels like when I go into my heart Fiona

I finally understood what Biji was telling me when she said “you’re thinking with your head.” and now I know what it feels like when I go into my heart and the difference from my head. Biji I am very grateful for your help!


I Released Stuck Emotions – Carry

“I want to thank you Biji, you are a true master. I had so many emotions suppressed and you helped me release them and fill my heart with so much love. I cried and laughed at the same time! I thank you so much. I feel so light and free and my old wounds can finally heal with love.” 


I Received from the Divine Masculine Energy – Emily

‘’A lot of dense energy finally moved, and I also had a vision that caught me by surprise too. Biji talked to me about my partner being there and I received a third eye kiss from him, I felt that familiar energy again for the first time in a long time.”


I Received the Tools to Expand My Heart -Marcella

“Thank you for showing up in my life and loving me exactly how I am. Giving me the tools to expand my heart and share with others. My healers, Mikko & Biji, I honor you for all you have done and continue to do for myself and the planet. I love you, thank you.”

I immediately started to feel like I was finally healing – Siobhan

“Over the year I tried therapists but it just didn’t seem to do the work. Something about Biji’s energy and beautiful smile drew me in. I immediately started to feel like I was finally healing. So many ahhha moments and clicks coming together. I am forever grateful and appreciative of everything LoveAll does to help awaken people who are truly ready, I was one of those people! Thank you Biji!

I was flooded with love, joy, and ecstasy – Ana

I’m amazed by how quickly things shifted inside my body, I experienced an extremely powerful surge of energy being activated throughout my whole being, I was flooded with love, joy, and ecstasy. Biji helped me break my shackles and felt held so tenderly. Thank you, the transformation is already taking place.



Shaman Biji, Masterclass, Frequency Master




Avaala Sacred Activated Symbol
Virtual container launching August, 2021.