The Sacred Feminine Initiation Challenge

$99 Mini Course

Sacred Feminines across the planet are rising in love, and this is how they’re doing it! We challenge you to join the initiation and activate your Sacred Feminine Archetypes in the Sacred Feminine Initation mini course. You’ll connect to your primordial cosmic energy, the Shakti, and walk away feeling activated and grounded in your Sacred Feminine. This experience will give you full permission to explore and love the shadow aspects of yourself so that you can heart express your authentic truth with unconditional love. Are you ready to be initiated into your Sacred Feminine?

In This Challenge You Will

Initiate your Sacred Feminine essence and feel empowered as a woman

See and understand your feminine damage and how it’s preventing you from receiving all that you desire

Connect with your inner Sacred Feminine archetypes: your Primal, Lover, Mother, Mystic, & Goddess

Feel the support and power of healing within a Sacred Feminine community

In this mini course, you'll Receive:

Access to 10+ hours of live streams with your facilitator and frequency expert, Biji, as she shares conscious energy around the Sacred Feminine archetypes.

Powerful shamanic healing activations to initiate each of your Sacred Feminine archetypes within the lives

A challenge workbook to navigate through your Sacred Feminine awakening along with conscious energy, reflective exercises, and practices to aid you in your process

Access to a 24/7 facebook community of women ready to hold space in pure conscious love without judgment, shame or guilt

A 50+ page Sacred Feminine handbook complete with everything you need to know about elevating your Sacred Feminine energy

Are you ready to be initiated into your Sacred Feminine?
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Your Livestream Schedule

Day 1:
Opening Ceremony

Day 2:
The Primal Archetype

Day 3:
The Lover Archetype

Day 4:
The Mystic Archetype

Day 5:
The Mother Archetype

Day 6:
The Goddess Archetype

Day 7:
Closing Ceremony