Listening to the call of the Universe by Mikko
Frequency Mastery,  The Journey

Listening to the call of the Universe

The work works. Trust me, even in those moments where you feel you’re getting nowhere, you’re doing the work. Keep going.


If you put all your energy into your personal practice, consistently, that’s all it takes to master your life. It’s all about consistency. The key to breakthrough after breakthrough is consistency.


By showing up for yourself, you’re showing the Universe through physical action that you unconditionally love yourself. For example, if you receive a directive from the Universe – you feel that ping that makes you say, “Oh… the energy is asking me to be over here or to do this…” – and you don’t follow that guidance, that’s you actively denying the Universe’s call. It takes practice to listen, to create that unwavering line of communication between yourself and Source.


How do you do this? You have to train your frequency. You find stillness – outside and inside. You eat light. You lighten up your frequency to maintain a connection to Source, otherwise the density will hide all the signs and Divine messages that are being shared with you. By slowing yourself down, checking in moment to moment with how you feel, moving your energy, clearing your energetic field, setting your boundaries, running towards the discomfort, and so on, you’ll find your connection to your Soul and Source.



That’s what we do here at LoveAll 5D. We run towards the discomfort. We’ve hit the road, leaving behind the comfort that grounding into one place has brought. Why? Because we’ve heard that call… we’ve felt that ping. It would much be easier for our egos to stay put in our comfortable space in Kansas where we had grounded. We had our team, we had our favorite places to buy groceries, we had the comfort of what is known… of course it would be easier to stay… and that’s what happens to a lot of people.


They grow their roots in one place and end up staying for many years, maybe forever. No longer are they used to moving their energy and going with the flow. And that’s okay, no judgement here. We feel it’s good to stay on the move, but it’s not for everybody. When you move, it can shift everything. The practice is to remain in the center of the change. This way you can quickly adjust and remain open, connected with where you are and where you’re going.


So I invite you to ask yourself, what landscape best suits your energy? Is it the rainforest, is it the beach, is it the dessert? What’s the temperature? What are the people like? All of these factors influence your energy, so it’s important to consider them. Check in to your state of being and do whatever it takes to serve your energy body. With this work, all it takes is willingness to stay devoted to your connection to your Soul. If you keep your focus on dropping into deep, deep authenticity of who you are, then you will make it. No doubt. No matter how many times you lose focus. No matter how many times you’re thrown into a state of change. Keep going back to your center.


This is what will bring you everything. By honoring your most authentic voice, you’re honoring God, you’re honoring unconditional love, you’re honoring yourself. No matter who’s around you, be unconditionally you.


So, this blog is for all of you who people please… and trust me I know this well because I used to be a HUGE people pleaser, if everybody around me was okay, then I could relax. But that doesn’t get you anywhere. The takeaway is, please your Soul first, be committed to your Soul work, and everything else will fall into place. The work works if you allow it to.



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