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Frequency Mastery,  The Journey

Manifesting at The Edge of Creation

Hello beautiful soul family, this is Biji 💗.


In this blog post, I will take a moment to reflect and recap the past two months of our journey as well as I will provide you with useful insights you can use immediately to start manifesting your highest timeline. 


Starting with our virtual retreat back in May (that some of you here were a part of!) was one of the most powerful retreats that Mikko and I have held space for.


Mikko and I consciously allowed space for the densest energy to be expressed through the toxic masculine and feminine interactions in real-time. If you’re new to energy work, this is a powerful modality in which you can frequency-create the imbalanced dynamic to be dynamically alchemical – without controlling, censoring or masking the expression (this just means you express, show and reveal your shadow in real-time, in an activated conscious space, and whatever your shadow – it is immediately eradicated).


This is why group work is so powerful. The actual human stories don’t matter… It’s the activation of your conscious frequency experience within your energy bodies that allows for quantum healing.


(For those of you interested in exploring group work, we have a signature offer coming soon – a sacred feminine container. Are you the one? >>> Apply HERE)

The Move

After the virtual retreat, Mikko and I only had a few weeks of the 555 portal to get us out of Kansas and to our Soul homeland, Costa Rica! As the divine messages came through, green-lighting our journey, Mikko and I went deep into creation mode to ensure that our transit was in the Avaala wormhole with only magic and miracles, effortlessness and ease guiding our way. 


It’s been more than three weeks since we have been here (check out some photos below), and it feels like we have been nowhere else. Everything feels behind us, and we are fully in the present and manifesting at the edge of creation. 

What does this mean to manifest at the edge of creation?

It means that there is no more backlog of energy. We are being asked to transmute; we are caught up with all the frequency reconciliation through space and time. This is what is happening on the planet right now… moving into June, you will begin to see the physical materialization of all the mass conscious awakening that is happening. 


As the collective begins to experience this 5D energy of instant physical manifestation more and more, it will be chaotic. People will not know how to manage this energy. You will see this reactionary, heightened state and you will feel it as well. 


How do you stay grounded and centered? 

… Anchor into the zero point field, and do your healing work.


The most successful clients we have served share one piece of advice, which is the same as mine:  invest in your own transformational healing. 


The Divine promise:

You will always have the money for it.

You will forever make 5D and 3D returns on your investment. 

If I didn’t invest everything I had into my healing, I would never have met Mikko. If we didn’t, together as a family, invest everything we had, we would not be here in Costa Rica, living our dream reality, living in humble service to Source, Avaala, the Ascension and YOU! 


You are called to take ACTION. No more talking. The proof will be in the pudding. Have you been procrastinating? Spiritually lazy? Reactive or non-responsive?


The upcoming months will force you to confront all the parts of yourself that you have neglected so that you can shift to the higher frequency reality for your higher self. Here we go! All your work is coming in! If you have been on top of it, expect physical rewards on every tangible level. 


Personal Soul Guidance

Practice creating. Practice the frequency of the CREATOR. You don’t practice in the future for the future, you practice creating NOW for the NOW! The future will deliver itself, whether you like it or not, so why not make it like you like it!



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